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Research papers

Soweto and the legacy of apartheid

Ten years after the transition to democracy, South Africa's predominantly black population, living in socially under-serviced areas created by apartheid, faces the challenge of integrating into a world dominated by global competition, rapid...

Catalogue: Congress 2005: Making A Difference
Author: Sheny Medani
September 21, 2005

Research papers

Are we deliberately turning away from global diversity and true innovation?

Need based segmentations are based on psychological needs or motives present in every one of us.The more fundamental these needs are, the more they can be considered universal: the need for status is present in every culture, as is the need to belong...

Catalogue: Global Diversity 2006
Authors: Philip De Wulf, Emmanuel Verhagen
Company: Ipsos MRBI
May 8, 2006

Research papers

Building a healthcare buzz

In this paper BuzzMetrics reviews findings from analyses of online consumer buzz for two sets of promising drug therapies.The therapies with pre-approval buzz experienced an enormous increase in discussion among relevant online communities versus...

Catalogue: Global Healthcare 2006
Author: Lydia Worthington
February 6, 2006

Research papers

Obesity and consumer choice

Body size and body image have been persistent, key social elements that span almost every culture and society. However, perception and social comparison of body size in more recent years has taken on new importance as the incidence of obesity has...

Catalogue: Consumer Insights 2005
Author: Max Kilger
November 15, 2005

Research papers

Experiments on an adaptive computer model of a distribution channel

The aim of the paper is to use computer simulation models of an entire industry's distribution channel as instruments of theory development. The major phenomena to be explained center around recent developments in distribution systems, resulting from...

Catalogue: Seminar 1969: The Role Of Market Research In The Distribution Of Consumer Goods
Author: Martin Pfaff
November 1, 1969

Research papers

Building online multi-cultural opinion communities

This paper addresses the differences between online panels and online opinion communities. Is an online opinion community the next level of an online research panel?

Catalogue: Panel Research 2006
Authors: Claudia Feler, Adriana Rocha
Company: eCGlobal Solutions
October 8, 2006

Research papers

Converging technology, diverging lives

Teenagers are often described as insatiable consumers who are at the forefront of the development of media and communication. However, there are other sides to the story. Always being connected and available can come at high price.Based on...

Catalogue: Telecom 2006
Authors: Erik Kruse, Mikael Bjorling, Fredrik Ohrfelt
October 8, 2006

Research papers

Death of depth?

This paper provocatively questions the 'depth ethos' so often determining today's qualitative research. The psychological primacy in qualitative research can be a barrier to generating inspiring and valuable insights by disregarding consumer reality...

Catalogue: Qualitative 2006
Authors: Oliver Schieleit, Ayobamidele Gnädig
Company: Happy Thinking People
October 8, 2006

Research papers

Can consumers cope?

This paper suggests new ways in increasing campaign effectiveness and lifting the commercial pressure on consumers. Consumers are bombarded with commercial messages and avoid them by zipping, zapping or simply turning away.Airing more ads takes TV...

Catalogue: Worldwide Multi Media Measurement 2006
Author: Arie K. den Boon
June 4, 2006