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Research reports

Project Loire

Project Loire is concerned with the development of productsdesigned to combat periodontal disease. This study was instituted to provide preliminary informationabout background attitudes and ideas concerning gum disease and to indicate likely...

Catalogue: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive Collection
Author: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive
May 15, 1975

Research papers

Consumer driven prescription drug plans

Considerable discussion on the rising healthcare and pharmaceutical costs and the future direction of the U.S. healthcare system is routinely heard in political debates and with employers. Employers are shifting some of the cost burden to their...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Global Healthcare Conference 2003
Authors: James Bologna, Donald Falkinburg
February 23, 2003


Well-being and good moods

This presentation is about health and well-being!Wellness is also a state of mind, an integration of body, spirit, and culture where good health goes along with good mood. That's why more Europeans than Africans or Americans feel unwell. Moreover,...

Catalogue: Congress 2019: The Global Data & Insights Summit
Author: Vilma Scarpino
September 8, 2019

Research papers

An experiment in typology: Evaluating physician productivity classification through the use of syndicated audit services

At the beginning, perhaps a few general comments are in order. All of us recognise the end purpose of our efforts in the area of physician typology. It is to identify those segments of the physician population which contain our best customer...

Catalogue: Seminar 1970: The Marketing Of Pharmaceutical Products
Authors: David Labson, David A. West
June 15, 1970


What do you do when your world is turned upside-down?

A company marketed a product which had the highest volume of scripts in the Canadian prescription market for years, dominating its category. With post publication of safety concerns, promotion of the drug was discontinued for several years. With...

Catalogue: Qualitative 2013: Brilliant Transformations
Authors: Johanna Faigelman, Catharine Bauer
June 15, 2013

Research reports

Qualitative research on TCP first aid gel outer pack design, tube and leaflet communication and product responses

This research was designed to examine consumer reactionsto TCP First Aid Gel pack presentation and product form,in comparison with Savlon Antiseptic Cream and GermoleneAntiseptic Ointment. About this collection: Peter Cooper (1936-2010) was...

Catalogue: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive Collection
Author: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive
December 29, 1974