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Research reports

Project Loire

Project Loire is concerned with the development of productsdesigned to combat periodontal disease. This study was instituted to provide preliminary informationabout background attitudes and ideas concerning gum disease and to indicate likely...

Catalogue: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive Collection
Author: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive
May 15, 1975

Research papers

Market research in Greece

Market research in Greece is expanding. The National Statistical Service continues to he very active, using sample surveys to broaden the areas in their data collecting and processing activities. Obviously N.S.S.'s efforts cover basic measurements...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Yearbook 1964-1965
Author: Chrys J. Papadopoulos
June 15, 1965

Research reports

ESOMAR Prices Study 2003

This fifth study has again been conducted on a worldwide basis and brings the series up to date. The aim of the Prices Study is to provide an indication of the relative pricing of a number of different types of research project at different levels: -...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Global Prices Study
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
September 1, 2003

Research papers

Reply to Mr. Collins

My own paper emphasised the need for us to take a closer look on the standards at which much exploratory qualitative work was conducted; my own view remains that if we are honest with ourselves there must be scope for improvement here.

Catalogue: Seminar 1970: Attitude And Motivation Research
Author: John F. Drakeford
February 1, 1970

Research papers


Emotionology is an innovative research project conducted by Turner Latin America in 2013 and 2014, in partnership with Neurensics and BMC, with the objective of measuring consumers' emotional engagement towards different types of content, drilling...

Catalogue: Latin America 2015: Carnival of Insights
Authors: Pablo Verdin, Renata Policicio
June 15, 2015


Business unusual in the new normal

Timely advice and shared experiences from business leaders in the region on the practicalities of running the company in the current challenging times.

Catalogue: ESOMAR TV: Asia Pacific at Home
Authors: Chris Farquhar, Lynn Zhang, Vijay Raj
April 16, 2020

Research papers

A proposal to evaluate research projects

One of the most important responsibilities of decision makers and also of research managers, including marketing and social research managers as well, is to select the best research projects among alternative ones to be undertaken. To determine the...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1978: Value For Money In Market And Social Research
Author: Kemal Kurtulu
September 1, 1978

Research papers

A clean future

This paper will tell the story of co-research as it is seen through the eyes of the client and researcher. We will show how Electrolux Floor Care Europe and Ipsos-Eureka work systematically and strategically with Consumer Insight within the product...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference on Excellence in Consumer Insights 2004
Authors: Anna Karin Trydegård, Naama Forsrup, Eva Glantz
Company: Ipsos MRBI
April 18, 2004

Research papers

Report-back from working group II

During the discussion periods the Group was concerned partly with questions and issues arising out of individual papers, partly with more general issues relating to the problems of international research and ESOMAR activities in this connection....

Catalogue: Seminar 1971: Multi-Country Research
Author: John Downham
June 15, 1971