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Research papers

Please don't make me think about thinking!

Typically, consumer flavour testing is conducted using a structured questionnaire. In general, Asian consumers tend to be relatively reserved and polite in their responses in some countries. We therefore collaborated in a neuro-physiological study...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2019
Authors: Siew Hoong Chan, Nasrin Shafeghat
Companies: MACROMILL, INC., Dentsu Macromill Insight
May 22, 2019

Research papers

Taking games seriously

The use of games as a part of the qualitative toolkit, contrasting their use in market research with user experience, service design and design thinking, is addressed in this paper. The relevance of games and potential in Asia-Pacific is showcased...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2016: Get Connected!
Authors: Lee Ryan, Satish Pai, Monica Cravenetya
Company: Deka Marketing Research
May 19, 2016

Research papers

Hijabin Indonesian women & beauty

Hijab adoption was on the rise in Indonesia with several women (across age groups) dawning the veil. With this change in dynamics, it was important understand if there was a need for PT L'Oreal to alter the brand portfolio or communicate differently....

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2014: Celebrating Asian Creativity
Authors: Aldo Fajar, Deepak Bengani
Company: Kadence International
May 13, 2014