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Research papers

The Formula to Decoding the Future of Infant Nutrition

How hard is it to feed a baby? Much harder than you might think. Each canister of infant formula is packed full of information about nutrients, formula features and their vast range of benefits. Which of those benefits matter to parents and why? Do...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2023 - Innovation
Authors: Ana Ivanovic, Giulia Gasperi, Michelle Hum
Companies: Cargill, TRIPTK
November 22, 2023

Research papers

Maximising Research Impact with VR

In the dynamic landscape of design and innovation, IKEA (in partnership with the award-winning insight consultancy Brandnographer), sets a transformative precedent through its visionary "Life at Home Asia" project. This initiative seamlessly marries...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2023 - Innovation
Authors: Ruby Chui, Lydia Choi-Johansson
Companies: Ikea, Brandnographer
November 22, 2023

Research papers

Creating the Beauty Insights that Move Africa

LOreals vision is to create beauty that moves the world, and to be the most inclusive beauty leader by creating products for all people. Consumer needs are at the heart of L'Oreals innovations, however, historically there has been limited...

Catalogue: Congress 2023
Authors: Kambe Mwaba, Christine Laurenssen
September 28, 2023

Research papers


Within the digital transformation many changes have happened in a very short time period. The implications of internet globally have modified business models, governments and society. Our behaviours as humans are facing continuous transformations,...

Catalogue: Latin America 2023
Authors: Laura Ruvalcaba, Javier Rosas-Delint, Luis Cervantes, Martha Rivera-Pesquera
Companies: BRAIN Research, General Atlantic
April 25, 2023

Research papers

Flip the Coin

A whopping 190 million Indians (15% of the Indian population) are e-tail customers. Flipkart is a pioneer and aloved brand in India across Metro and Tier 2 cities. Growing at an exponential rate, the market value of the ecommerce industry in India is...

Catalogue: Congress 2022: 75th Anniversary
Author: Priyanka Bhargav
Company: Flipkart Internet Pvt Ltd
September 23, 2022

Research papers

Innovate or die! Or die innovating?

Consumers love innovation, but most brand's innovations are not innovative nor relevant. Uncover how to successfully innovate by hearing consumer's perspective and thinking beyond your category.

Catalogue: Latin America 2020 - Insights Festival
Author: Noelia Bellucci
Company: Maru/Matchbox
October 19, 2020

Research papers

Sensory evaluation

When a person comes into contact with a given fragrance, he or she experiences sensations that are unique to him or her. But is it a reason why we could not try to describe 'objectively' or as 'objectively' as possible the fragrances of our...

Catalogue: Fragrance 2007
Authors: Huguette Nicod, Florence Sponton, Hélène Azoeuf, Lise Dreyfuss, Pascale Elmalan
Company: Nestlé
November 14, 2007

Research papers

Calibrating new products for generation Y automotive consumers with emerging market realities

The coming of age of Generation Y in the United States represents the largest inflow of new consumers to the U.S. automotive marketplace in over two decades. This paper concerns how and why Honda has approached this new consumer segment in the U.S....

Catalogue: ESOMAR Excellence in Consumer Insights Conference 2003
Authors: Aziz Ucmakli, Kevin M. Joostema
March 30, 2003

Research papers


The digital economy is bringing about major changes in customer expectations and behaviour and in the very nature of business. Companies need to respond to these changes in order to compete. This paper looks at the ways in which Microsoft is...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 2000: The Impact Of Networking
Author: David Crockett
Company: Microsoft
September 1, 2000