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Research papers

Focus on the flow of enthusiasm

Superpromoters are clients who share their enthusiasm about particular products, brands and companies and influence other people by doing so. The theory urges companies to focus more on the enthusiasm of these customers. In 2011, Blauw conducted a...

Catalogue: Congress 2012: Accelerating Excellence
Authors: Rijn Vogelaar, Arne van de Wijdeven
Companies: Philips International, Blauw Research
September 13, 2012

Research papers

Holland 2.0

In the last few years, organisations have realised the potential that social media offers as a way of communicating their messages and helping to deliver their marketing strategies. equally, we as researchers have been focused on the potential of...

Catalogue: 3D Digital Dimensions 2012: (Online + Social Media + Mobile) Research
Authors: Jos Vink, Anke ten Velde, Marieke Politiek
Company: Blauw Research
November 6, 2012

Research papers


Until now designers, brand managers and researchers around the world had to do without a validated research instrument to predict effects of design.This paper explains how the Dutch Designers Association changed this by initiating and developing a...

Catalogue: Congress 2006: Foresight
Authors: Jos Vink, Gert Kootstra, Pieter van Ginkel
Company: Blauw Research
September 17, 2006

Research papers

Inspiring creativity through online stakeholder involvement

Have you been involved in multi-country innovation research? Or ever wished you had?Do not let the hurdles of such studies hold you back, but instead make it a smart process. Inspire the innovations team, and consumers.How? Start by listening to the...

Catalogue: Congress 2005: Making A Difference
Authors: Menno Urbanus, Steffen Entzeroth, Edward Groenland, Ine Dinklo
Company: Blauw Research
September 21, 2005

Research papers

Gaming 0.0

This presentation addresses how FLEX/theINNOVATIONLAB and Blauw developed an innovative and smart board game, played by researchers, designers and consumers, to create a synergistic environment for ideation in order to get the best out of people....

Catalogue: Congress 2009: Leading The Way
Authors: Jeroen Verbrugge, Abke Geels, Sylvie Verbiest, Arthur Fletcher
Company: Blauw Research
September 22, 2009