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Research papers

Creating a win-win relationship by maximizing both manufacturer sales and retailer profits

In today's business environment in Japan, manufacturers and retailers struggling against excessive price competition find themselves mired in profoundly strained relationships.This paper will bring into relief the peculiarity and uniqueness of the...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2005
Author: Takashi Kondo
March 13, 2005

Research reports

Global Prices Study 2016

The Global Prices Study 2016 is based on a set of dummy projects for which participating agencies prepare bids. The bids were submitted in response to a set of seven market research projects: six consumer research projects (four quantitative, one...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Global Prices Study
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
September 20, 2016

Research reports

Commercial testing: Car batteries

The aim of this research was to examine reactions to a new commercial for Exide batteries and to elicit any specific negatives perceived in the commercial. More specifically: 1. To determine the perceived communication of the commercial;2. To...

Catalogue: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive Collection
Author: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive
July 1, 1970

Research papers

Experimental methods in marketing

Very little is to be found in specialised marketing literature on experimentation. As in the sciences in general the earliest steps forward in marketing were made as a result of using methods of observation. Data are collected either within the...

Catalogue: The European Marketing Research Review 1971
Author: Yves Fournis
June 15, 1971



Originally formed in 1838, Knorr has become one of the largest global food brands, offering a wide range of products. In 2011, Knorr’s Canadian business was experiencing severe headwinds. Indeed, total Mastebrand sales contracted 10%, with...

Catalogue: Congress 2013: Think Big
Authors: Joseph Chen, Steve Olsen
June 15, 2013

Research papers

Integrated pricing strategy

Getting the right pricing strategy is very critical for CPG companies - more so in the alcoholic beverages (AlcoBev) category in India, because AlcoBev is a highly regulated industry subject to high taxes coupled with restrictions on distribution and...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2020 - Insights Festival
Author: Arvind Sainath
Company: Diageo
November 2, 2020

Research papers

Seeking a balance between the needs of a bank and the demands of the market place

Competition among banks in the United Kingdom developed very rapidly in the first half of the nineteen-seventies. The introduction of "Competition and Credit Control" in 1971 was a major factor in hastening the destruction of the earlier cartelistic...

Catalogue: Seminar 1975: The Use Of Market Research In The Financial Fields
Author: Geoffrey C. Naylor
February 1, 1975

Case studies

Market position of the 'tempo stylon' & 'tempo junior' felt pens in relation to their main competitors in France (French)

In October 1975 Gillette decided to enter the low- cost end of the market with a model retailing known as the "TEMPO Junior". In terms of writing performance, the "Stylon" and "Junior" models meet the same standards and are differentiated only by...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1978: Value For Money In Market And Social Research
Authors: Nicole De Ferran, Jean-Louis Laborie
September 1, 1978

Research papers

Evaluation of the differential fares policy contemplated for the "T.G.V" (very fast train) service in France

In the public transport sector, more than in most others, all the operators are faced by the problem of variations in the level of demand, giving rise in particular to peak traffic periods, with which they must deal as efficiently as possible whilst...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1981: Research For Profitability
Authors: Jean-Claude Giblin, Jean-Louis Laborie
August 23, 1981