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Research papers

Transforming Lives, Transforming Times

Uncertainty has become a common denominator around the world over the last year. When we thought the only change ahead was the change of decade, something more drastic happened; we left the world we knew behind thanks to the emergence of the pandemic...

Catalogue: Trust and Transformation
Authors: Gerardo González, Alejandra Medina
Companies: Netquest, PSYMA GROUP AG
July 30, 2021

Research papers

Respondent authenticity

It has long been an unsolved problem of online market research conducted by means of Access panel sample surveys, that there has been no possibility to verify whether a participant in a survey is really the same who was requested to take part in the...

Catalogue: Panel Research 2007
Authors: Christoph Irmer, Bernd Wachter
February 15, 2007

Research papers

Hybrid market research

To address the needs of the dynamic industry, automotive market researchers must bridge the traditional divide between 'qual' and 'quant' methods. The paper advocates mixed-model solutions that combine the strengths of both sets of methodologies for...

Catalogue: Automotive 2006
Authors: Heinrich Rademacher, Peter Böhm, Sebastian Knauer, Christina Eisenschmid
February 27, 2006

Research papers

Far East pharmaceutical markets as a challenge for strategic marketing

This paper is divided into four parts: The first part describes the increasing relevance of the East Asian markets: between 1990 and 1993 the gross national product of Taiwan grew by 27%; and by 44% in the People’s Republic of China. This region...

Catalogue: EphMRA/ESOMAR Conference 1994: Meeting The Pressures By Intelligent Resourcing
Authors: Wolfgang Esser, Matthias Fargel
Companies: Bayer AG, PSYMA GROUP AG
June 1, 1994