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Research papers

Every day low price

Everyday Low Price (EDLP), along with Category Management, Consumer Loyalty and Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) have become the jargon words for Marketing in the mid 1990’s. Everyday Low Price, an American import, was originally devised as a...

Catalogue: Seminar 1996: The Big Brand Challenge
Author: Judith Passingham
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
June 15, 1996

Research papers

Brands, retailers and consumers

Within Britain the dominance of leading supermarket chains continues to grow, as does the market share of own label brands. A new study shows generally favourable consumer attitudes towards these products. As a result, premium brands are widely...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1997: Learning From The Future
Authors: Judith Passingham, Stephan Buck
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
September 1, 1997

Research papers

Do Androids Dream of Electric Research?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been described as 'the most profound change in human history' (Russell,2021). In this paper, the chairs of ESOMAR's Legal Affairs and Professional Standards Committees don'tpull their punches in stating how they think...

Catalogue: Congress 2022: 75th Anniversary
Authors: Judith Passingham, Mike Cooke
Company: ESOMAR
September 23, 2022

Research papers

A small rock holds back a great wave

This paper responds to the challenges of globalisation and the digital society by arguing that the problem for MR today is not that of too much change, but rather too little. In a world where data is seemingly infinite, we now need to provide data...

Catalogue: Congress 2010: The Changing Face Of Market Research
Author: Judith Passingham
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
September 15, 2010

Research papers

A method for market segmentation using continuous datasets

This paper attempts to address the issue of how continuous research can be brought to bear on the segmentation process. This paper will assess how segmentation currently works, particularly in terms of the relationship between continuous and ad hoc...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF/JMA Conference 1997: Fit for the global future?
Authors: Helen Passingham-Hughes, Judith Passingham
June 15, 1997

Research papers

Data convergence

The key focus of this paper is to outline how different market research disciplines are starting to converge and how the consumer panel is particularly at the heart of this process, reaching this position because of its ability to offer both...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Panel Research Conference 2005
Authors: Andrew Czarnowski, Judith Passingham
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
April 17, 2005