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Research papers

Indigenous European marketing

The identification of Europe's indigenous needs is best pursued by taking education outside the walls of the academy into a pattern of custom-built learning, which is determined to change behaviour as well as simply purvey knowledge. Rather than seek...

Catalogue: Workshop 1976: Educating The Effective Marketing Decision Makers
Author: Gordon S.C. Wills
June 1, 1976

Research papers


The paper stresses the need for modelling as a tool for structuring the complexities of the marketing environment so that marketing management can better utilise the data at their disposal as well as their knowledge. This will help in meeting the...

Catalogue: Seminar 1984: Market Research And M.M.I.S.
Author: Danny A. Nijburg
January 25, 1984

Research papers

Toward marketing development or alternative strategies in managerial marketing education

The function of marketing education for managers is to bridge the gap which exists between theoretical concepts and practical application/implementation. In this connection, the didactic structure of the educational process is of much importance and...

Catalogue: Workshop 1976: Educating The Effective Marketing Decision Makers
Author: A. P. van Gent
June 1, 1976

Research papers

The requirements of the marketing research process in marketing, and the way in which these requirements can be met by marketing educators

The author is responsible for marketing research courses which form part of Marketing degree and other courses in the University of Strathclyde at Glasgow in the U.K. The objectives of these research courses have to be decided in the light of the...

Catalogue: Workshop 1976: Educating The Effective Marketing Decision Makers
Author: John A. Bound
June 1, 1976

Research papers

The evolution of marketing

The future evolution of marketing seems destined to expand beyond the confines of the selling of goods and services. The energies and skills used to manage the abstractions of added values will probably be extended to encompass social and ethical...

Catalogue: New Monograph Series Vol.8: International Marketing Research
Author: Mary Goodyear
September 1, 1999

Research papers

Analysing relationship between advertising and marketing data

This paper describes the structure and main features of a tool aiming at understanding the role played by advertising within the marketing environment. A special focus is on the question how explanatory variables are selected and related according to...

Catalogue: Seminar 1996: Managing Media Data For Market Profit
Author: Claudio Conti
November 11, 1996

Research papers

The role of visual research in the European marketing revolution

The design of the package is one of the major factors determining which products shall be carried from the shelf to the check-out counter. The sales effectiveness of package design can be determined by perceptual measurements. Visual research is a...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Congress 1961: Marketing And Sociological Research In The Future
Author: Edmund W. J. Faison
June 15, 1961

Research papers

Complexity and change in the modern marketing environment

The paper discusses the complexity of the modern marketing environment and the need for a more comprehensive view of buying behaviour. Over the past decade several new factors, such as increasing government intervention in industry and commerce and...

Catalogue: Workshop 1976: Educating The Effective Marketing Decision Makers
Author: Peter Michael Chisnall
June 1, 1976

Research papers

Product planning and emerging market needs

Like, any living organism, a company must constantly adapts to its environment or wither. Assets have, therefore to be: continuously exploited and adapted in. the- context, of a changing market. In developing pew activities the first step...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Conference 1965
Author: Peter Ward
June 15, 1965