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Research papers

The IJF-Questionnaire (German)

For more than 5 years, - since existence of the Institut fur Jugendforschung (IJF), Munich, - IJF has been using a questionnaire system which has demonstrated considerable advantages compared with customary opinion poll procedures, as regards costs,...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1975: Quality In Research
Authors: Kurt H. Benz, Detlef Rlemer
August 1, 1975

Research papers

Faster and more effective decision-making through web-based reporting

This paper provides an overview of web-based reporting across a number of dimensions, including why the web should be considered for data reporting; which research applications are most suitable for the web; and what considerations are important when...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Net Effects 2001
Author: Wally Balden
Company: Maritz Research
February 11, 2001

Research papers

Centralised multi-national research in the travel industry

The paper queries whether the "international consumer" exists as such; in determining the best research method in multi-country research projects, it suggests that no single rigid approach (standardised comparability:non-comparability,...

Catalogue: ICC/ESOMAR Symposium 1984: International Marketing Research
Author: Peter B. Hodgson
June 15, 1984

Research papers

(Wo)man VS. machine: From competition to collaboration

It is no secret that the market research industry is under pressure to deliver sound and strategic insights within shrinking budgets and timeframes. Ten years from now efficiency is predicted to be the number one deciding factor when commissioning...

Catalogue: Global Qualitative 2017: Back to the future
Author: Samantha Bond
Company: SKIM
November 3, 2017

Research papers

Advertising research utopia 1961? (German)

The subject of my paper is stated as a question, as you observe. It implies some well-founded doubts regarding our ability, seriousness, and determination to carry out basic advertising research which can tell us one day how advertisers and agencies...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Congress 1961: Marketing And Sociological Research In The Future
Author: Wolfgang Schaefer
June 15, 1961

Research papers

An example of syndicate research (French)

This paper shows an example of the optimization and reduction of a research budget. In 1977 an important research took place, based on 700 telephone interviews, 300 complete descriptions of stores, 300 interviews with points of sale managers, and...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1978: Value For Money In Market And Social Research
Authors: Jean-Pierre Piotet, Michel Haski, Francis Georgel
September 1, 1978


Insight automation: Democracy, ethics and efficiency

This case study outlines the way insights automation has paved the way for the efficient democratization of insights, to create a strategic role for market research within the corporation.

Catalogue: Congress 2018
Authors: Jamie Rayner, Elizabeth P. Morgan
September 23, 2018



Innovation of qualitative/quantitative fusion, evidenced through a case study. Envisage a segmentation study that also identifies psychological motivators: deep qual insight with quant numeracy. But wait, there's more, costs down 25% and time down...

Catalogue: Fusion 2018 (Big Data World + Global Qualitative)
Authors: Omnia Holland, Danielle Holland
November 11, 2018

Research papers

Speed, power and efficiency

This paper presents a case study involving a leading pharmaceutical information company that uses internet-based research as a means of gathering primary data from physicians and other subjects. The company, MORPACE Pharma Group, is now moving toward...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Net Effects 2001
Authors: Karen J. Partridge, Allen Kamer
February 11, 2001