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Integrated insights engine

Interview with Horacio González, Global AI & Unstructured Data Lead from Kantar Mexico.

Catalogue: Fusion 2019
Authors: Kyle Findlay, Horacio Gonzalez
Company: Kantar
November 10, 2019


The time traveller's guide to consumer insights

Doctor When will see you now. The time traveler's guide to consumer insights: How to foretell your consumer's destiny accurately with big & small data.

Catalogue: Congress 2019: The Global Data & Insights Summit
Author: Adrian Terron
September 8, 2019


Loohcal media, gloohbal measurement (Spanish)

Out-of-Home (OoH) media has always been in trouble regarding measurements. Although great effort, resources, money and time has been spent in many countries, the complexity of the media - due to its geographical dispersion, volume and granularity -...

Catalogue: Latin America 2019
Author: Daniel Cuende
Company: Cuende Infometrics
April 9, 2019


Videometrics to the rescue

NAILBITER Videometrics offer a truly unique step forward for video-based quantitative research. By confronting the obstacles faced by traditional surveys, video represents a new option for researchers and marketers to see and hear their shoppers....

Catalogue: Fusion 2018 (Big Data World + Global Qualitative)
Authors: Yelena Idelchik, Amishi Takalkar
Company: NAILBITER Inc.
November 11, 2018


Competing and winning in a world of Big Data

In a world where there's increasing fragmentation and companies are drowning in data, having practical business solutions that connect and make sense of big data as well as humanise data, is essential. We believe collaboration is imperative and have...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2018: Data Research Insights Vision Excellence
Author: Michele Levine
May 23, 2018


Building iconic brands (Spanish)

Quilmes is the classic beer brand in Argentina. In the last decade, it has been losing market share, and its affinity with consumers has been decreasing.AB Inbev has the challenge to change the trends in a mature market in which the leader is been...

Catalogue: Latin America 2018: Market Intelligence Festival for Latin America
Authors: Sebastian Corzo, Federico Barallobre
Companies: AB InBev, Kantar
May 14, 2018


Data integration and the future of market research

While the use of automation for text and data analysis, charting, or sampling continues to grow, not everyone is convinced. We will explore how market research needs to create situations where automation leads to a change in the way research is done.

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2018: Data Research Insights Vision Excellence
Author: Elizabeth May
Company: Research Now SSI
May 13, 2018


Integrating survey data and user data

In the age of performance and programmatic marketing, advertisers have come to expect speed, agility and accuracy in everything from target audience understanding, to communications planning, and measuring campaign effectiveness. This paper details...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2017: Discoveries
Authors: Bonnâe Ogunlade, Simon Zhong
December 4, 2017


The love story of technology + research

The development of technology is changing the way of consumer's behavior and business model in China. Research builds a strong connection with technology now. The 3 steps to make the love happen are: cooperating with innovative data sources, building...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2017: Discoveries
Author: Peking Tan
December 4, 2017