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Research papers

What Do Women Think?

While most companies implement HR and CX policies that try to fix gender inequality, non-written corporate/organisational cultures often operate as a barrier slowing down or even hurting the equality-goal. Brands on the other hand seem to be making a...

Catalogue: Latin America 2024
Authors: Adrian Kohan, Olga Bocanegra
Companies: Natura & Co (Avon), Gentedemente
April 24, 2024

Research papers

Gender, race and power in AI

AI is one of the hottest topics in the industry and its potential to enhance and improve data analysis could be considered unparalleled. But how to ensure that the AI we utilize doesn't produce bigger data gaps than it fixes?

Catalogue: Latin America 2020 - Insights Festival
Authors: Kristin Luck, Jessica Sage
Companies: ScaleHouse, Women in Research (WIRe)
October 19, 2020

Research papers

Shrugging off gender inequality

We aim to help shift Japan's course towards a brighter future -- economically, as a society and as individuals -- by illuminating the true cost of gender inequality. To tackle the issue Unilever has partnered with Ipsos to conduct quantitative...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2019
Authors: Deanna Elstrom, Emi Nishiyama
Companies: Ipsos MRBI, Unilever
May 22, 2019

Research papers

Gender bias in brands and business

Businesses and brands have an opportunity to grow market share by better meeting the need of both genders. However, it can be challenging to identify the opportunities when gender bias, particularly unconscious gender bias, obscures them. This paper...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2017: Discoveries
Authors: Amy Fridlund, Nikki Feld
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
May 9, 2017

Research papers

Leveraging and empowering Cambodia's other half

Gender inequality is a global issue, and of particular concern in Cambodia, but by how much? And how are gender dynamics changing, if at all, among younger cohorts? This study investigates the current state of gender dynamics in Cambodia, especially...

Catalogue: Congress 2016: #WOW
Authors: Rebecca L. Norris, Layhour Sao
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
September 22, 2016