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Research papers

The challenge of a global brand in unstable times

Consumer Mood came up in a context of regional economic crisis, seeking to provide Coca-Cola with local sensitivity without losing sight of its international status. Taking care of the rest of these aforementioned points was not part of the design,...

Catalogue: Latin America 2019
Authors: Carolina Porcari, Maria Muzio, Rosaline Hester, Sabrina Scolnic
Companies: Compañia de Negocios Moiguer, The Coca-Cola Company
April 7, 2019

Research papers

Taking the bull by its horns

The more the data, the more the noise! Insights from a remote local event have deep implications for all Multinationals as Protectionism grows globally. Are you listening? Is your brand future proofed?Through this paper, we share the journey of...

Catalogue: Congress 2018
Author: Ruchira Jain
September 23, 2018

Research papers

Measuring pricing power of a global brand in an Asian market

The Emerging Markets house the bulk of human populace, with China and India alone accounting for about 30% of the world's population. As these markets have developed and per capita income has risen in many of these countries, they have become growth...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2015: Asia Means Business
Authors: Venu Gorti, Ruchira Jain, Don Sexton, Kamal Sen
June 15, 2015

Research papers

Fasten your seat belts, we are going on a digital ride

The growth of cross-disciplinary practices will aid the convergence of consumer research and market research impacted by the trends all being pushed forward by networking. As decision-making gets pushed down and out into critical regions/businesses,...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 2000: The Impact Of Networking
Author: Randall G. Emond
Company: Philips International
September 1, 2000

Research papers

Media planning processes

As more and more companies market their brands at the multi-country level and as the media function in major international agencies continues to increase in stature, media research and systems personnel faced with the challenge of developing and...

Catalogue: Seminar 1996: Managing Media Data For Market Profit
Author: Jayne Zenaty Spittler
November 11, 1996

Research papers

The human resources management consultant in the Europe of 1992

In this paper I will attempt to describe the organisation of human resources management in European companies, and the impact of the building of Europe in that area, today and in the future. I will speak particularly of multinational companies, but...

Catalogue: Seminar 1990: Countdown to 1992
Author: Denise Annandale-Massa
June 15, 1990

Research papers

A review of pros and cons of centralised research in manufacturing companies

Several different organizational forms for a multinational manufacturing company are examined, and the implications of these different structures for the nature of the marketing research function: in particular the degree of centralization or...

Catalogue: Seminar 1988: International Marketing Reserarch
Author: David Hawkins
June 15, 1988

Research papers

Which dog? Which tail?

In real life central and decentralised research departments exist side by side. Their relative strengths depend on staffing, budgets and the stage reached by the company in the central vs local autonomy cycle. Since both types of department exist,...

Catalogue: Seminar 1988: International Marketing Reserarch
Authors: Jane Kalim, John Rutherford
Company: Shell Global
June 15, 1988

Research papers

The branding of international research

The paper traces the development of international marketing research over the years and shows that it has now become an established part of the activities of hundreds of research companies throughout the world. It is argued that an international...

Catalogue: ARF/ESOMAR/JMA Seminar 1986: Marketing, Advertising And Research
Author: Philip D. Barnard
June 15, 1986