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Research papers

Integrating high-level (expanded conjoint) research to a portal company

With the growth of internet research, new opportunities arise. This paper deals with the case history of a portal company (, its creation of a research venue, and the use of that venue to facilitate high level research techniques (i.e....

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 2000: The Impact Of Networking
Authors: Howard R. Moskowitz, Ruth Fehr, Alex Gofman, Jordan Stanley, Scott Noble
Company: Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.
September 1, 2000

Research papers

License to peek?

Privacy and data protection are assessed from a historical perspective through to the present in this paper. The authors address observable trends, developments and novel platforms that starkly present the opportunities and challenges we encounter in...

Catalogue: Congress 2010: The Changing Face Of Market Research
Authors: George Pappachen, Richard Coombe
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
September 15, 2010

Research papers

Meeting the multi-national companies' demands for global advertising research tools

The outcome of the association between McCollum/Spielman and GfK has been a great delight. In addition to-giving us the opportunity to visit Jutland in the dead of winter nd Duseeldorf in the midst of a major snow storm, it has proved a stimulating...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/JMA/ARF Conference 1988: Innovation In Marketing, Advertising And Research
Authors: Harold M. Spielman, Hans Heyder
Company: GfK
June 15, 1988

Research papers

Designing and implementing international joint marketing ventures

What are the specific events and decisions that actually occur in the identification, design, and implementation of joint ventures involving Western enterprises and East European enterprises? To answer this question a case study research program is...

Catalogue: Conference 1991: International Marketing Research
Authors: Arch G. Woodside, Jozsef Kandiko, Wilfried Vyslozil
June 15, 1991

Research papers

Gain mobility by new forms of vehicle utilisation and mobility management

‘Mobility management’ is a global concept of various policies to ensure the efficient sustainable satisfaction of mobility demands. Intermodality including all transport carriers will provide an increased quality of life and added value....

Catalogue: International Automotive Marketing Conference 1998
Authors: Conrad Wagner, Heiner Schmeck
June 15, 1998

Research papers

Women of Class C

This paper is evidence of the success of a client research company partnership, an efficient use of multivariate analysis, a creative system to define potential for social mobility and an innovative application of results.

Catalogue: Latin America 2004: Integrating Diversity Across the Continent
Authors: Andrea Costa, Katia de Freitas Benchimol, Nelsom Marangoni
Company: IBOPE Inteligencia
October 24, 2004

Research papers

The future of market and social research is qualitative

This is the story of a collaboration of ESOMAR Foundation/Paragon Partnership, BBC Media, Big Sofa, and experienced qualitative researchers from all over the world, coming together to solve an important industry issue - the quality of qualitative...

Catalogue: Congress 2018
Authors: Phyllis MacFarlane, Sonia Whitehead
Company: GfK
September 23, 2018

Research papers

Fuel for a holistic approach

Everyone involved in communications is challenged by today's environment where people are faced with burgeoning choice, content can be designed by the individual, advertising is increasingly easy to avoid and attention is fragmented.'Engaging' with...

Catalogue: WM3 2007
Authors: Sheila Byfield, Nigel Anderson
Company: MindShare
June 3, 2007

Research papers

Qualitative research companies as active partners in concept and product development processes

This paper is based on a project carried out in 2003 in which a new way of working more closely with qualitative research in early phases of product development was introduced by Amarillo Research & Consultancy to Carlsberg Sweden.The project was...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Worldwide Qualitative Research Conference 2004
Authors: Fredrik Winell, Eva Hultman
Company: Amarillo Research & Consultancy AB
November 28, 2004