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Research papers

Marketing infallible remedy

The aim of this paper is to understand the behaviour unleashed by the consumer crisis, the adaption of trade, the opportunities that the different formats and brands have as well as the threats to them, the tendencies for change in the consumer...

Catalogue: Latin America 2003
Authors: Martin Zalovich, Teresa Cometto
May 4, 2003

Research papers

Helping the clients succeed in China's B2B market

China is not only a huge fast-moving consumer goods market, but an industrial product market with enormous development potential as well. With the aim to better understand the B2B market situation in China and formulate proper marketing strategy,...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2004
Authors: Fred Bai, Guo Ping
March 28, 2004


Research World (September 2004)

It is high time that the industry joined forces in order to establish what the actual situation is at the universities and major business schools and to determine what can be done together, and which initiatives can be taken in the field of...

Catalogue: Research World 2004
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
September 1, 2004

Research papers

From CS to CRM

Although market research firms strive to be more integral to their client's business process, several fundamental characteristics inherent to the way market research is conducted today represent barriers to this integration.New technologies are...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 2004: Integrating Marketing Research in Business
Authors: Vanessa Oshima, Mark Ferris
September 19, 2004

Research papers

Research papers

Motivation research in practice co-ordinated with marketing research

This paper deals with experiences and ideas resulting from motivation research projects, made with the assistance of psychologists during the past seven years. In close co-operation with trained marketing researchers, different methods have been...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Conference 1957: Research Into Consumer Behaviour And Its Motivation
Author: Börje Lindberg
June 15, 1957

Research papers

The activities of the International Marketing Federation

The support ESOMAR could give to the I.M.F. is considerable. In fact ESOMAR is the European platform where the best specialists meet, those who want to discuss their ideas with their foreign colleagues and who want to share them with them. The I.M.F....

Catalogue: ESOMAR Yearbook 1963-1964
Author: Yves Fournis
June 15, 1964

Research papers

The intelligent use of psychology in marketing

The main purpose of this paper is to encourage a reassessment of the contribution psychologists are making and could make to the marketing process. It is probably unwise to generalise about the function of psychologists in various countries and most...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1964
Author: Julia Ann Burdus
June 15, 1964

Research papers

Market research in Switzerland

There is no exact information available on market research. Compared with scientific research in the various fields and extensive marketing activities at home and abroad, market research is still very modestly used. Indications however are that the...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Yearbook 1964-1965
Author: G. J. Krampf
June 15, 1965