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Research papers

Consumer cognitions

This paper reports on a research study using a mental mapping technique, involving laddering interviews, which makes the link between perfume brands and the benefits derived from the purchase, and how these benefits in turn satisfy the purchaser's...

Catalogue: Seminar 1996: Capturing The Elusive Appeal Of Fragrance
Author: Susan Baker
December 1, 1996

Research papers

Body language in newspapers

This paper details the findings of an empirical study designed to investigate just how powerful newspaper headlines might be in terms of: 1) communicating signals that allow the reader to identify the title, in the absence of any other, formal,...

Catalogue: Seminar 1983: Publishing A Better Product
Authors: Brian Haworth, Colin Bowring
November 23, 1983

Research papers

Are you ready to meet EVE?

Surveys are yesterday's insights technology. The future is about artificial intelligence and conversations with benefits for researchers, research buyers, consumers.  In this presentation, we look at the technology, its application and the...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2020 - Insights Festival
Authors: Garreth Chandler, Tom Caley
Company: Evolve Research
November 2, 2020

Research papers

Research for decisions

Marketing Models are not a substitute for the art of the marketing man but they are addressed to the same problem, i.e. they offer the facility for putting some (not all) of the elements in the mix together and then predicting the likely outcome. The...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1974: The Challenges Facing Marketing Research
Authors: J. D. W. Stewart, Jacques Blanchard
September 1, 1974

Research papers

Practical experience with central telephone interviewing

The paper discusses the advantages and disadvantages of centralised telephone interviewing, in particular in comparison with conventional decentralised personal interviewing. Centralised telephone interviewing provides real benefits in terms of...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1978: Value For Money In Market And Social Research
Author: Ian Jarvis
Company: Burke, Inc.
September 1, 1978

Research papers

Giving voice to the voiceless

This paper looks at AI-powered voice surveys as an alternative survey format for commercial research. Specifically, the paper is looking at whether this type of alternative format can be more effective at capturing a broader more inclusive spectrum...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2020 - Insights Festival
Authors: Violet Lazarevic, Anne-Marie Moir, Jonathan Prosser
Companies: Telstra, Lewers Research
November 2, 2020

Research papers

Opportunities created by the use of a computer

The two fundamental characteristics of the computer are selected and related to the market research analysis situation. To illustrate the first of these the whole area of education and communication is examined in the context of the use of a general...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Congress 1969
Author: Guy Sutcliffe
June 15, 1969

Research papers

Decision support system in marketing

Computerised DSS do provide the potential for better decisions to be made and for significant increases in management productivity. The degree to which this potential can be realised depends upon culture and organisation as much as upon computer...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1987
Author: Gavin T. Leslie
June 15, 1987

Research papers

Small is beautiful

This paper will demonstrate the improvements to the user achieved by switching from centralised data-processing to decentralised processing, using Personal Computers.

Catalogue: Seminar 1988: The Impact Of New User-Oriented Computer Facilities On Market Research
Authors: Hans van den Anker, Danny A. Nijburg
June 15, 1988