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Research papers

Capturing the elusive brand

This paper looks at the changing environment of brand research and assesses the implications for exploring brand equity quantitatively within the context of brands of similar status outside the immediate product area within the retail environment...

Catalogue: Seminar 1998: Adding Transparency To Brand Management
Authors: Mary Short, Sarah O'Brien
June 15, 1998

Research papers

Adding quality to quantity

This paper examines the move towards an integration of qualitative and quantitative methodologies and techniques. It discusses some of the conventional ways qualitative and quantitative research have been combined and then details what the authors...

Catalogue: Qualitative Research 1993: A Critical Review Of Methods And Applications
Authors: Rebecca Wynberg, Sarah O'Brien
June 15, 1993

Research papers

The role of the data fusion in actionable media targeting in the 1990's

This paper deals with the fusion of two of the largest databases in Britain. The Broadcasters Audience Research Board (BARB) is the standard measurement of television audiences in Britain, with a panel size of 8 homes. The Target Group Index is the...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1990: Using Research For Marketing In The 90's
Author: Sarah O'Brien
September 1, 1990