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Research papers

Web mining

This paper illustrates how new technologies such as text and data mining can be used to process and analyze text data on a scale not previously possible.The paper investigates the types of information available on one of the most popular hotel...

Catalogue: Leisure 2006
Authors: Tom Anderson, Jesse Chen
October 8, 2006

Research papers

A viable new segment?

This paper explores the viability of Hispanic youth as a target market segment for the North American Automotive industry, and provides an understanding of the similarities and differences between this segment and North American youth in general. The...

Catalogue: Automotive 2006
Authors: Tom Anderson, Frank Leinweber
February 27, 2006

Research papers

Text analytics in market research

Due to advances in technology, natural language processing (NLP) also known as text analytics have come a long way in the past five years. Text Analytics allow market researchers to finally gain insights from the majority of data collected in...

Catalogue: Innovate 2008
Author: Tom Anderson
June 16, 2008