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Research papers

Bringing magazine measurement into the 21st century

When an advertiser looks at an 'X' on a certain day in the media flighting plan it would be a reasonable expectancy that this would be the point in time that the selected vehicle delivered its audience. Certainly this is the case for TV, radio and...

Catalogue: WM3- Worldwide Multi Media Measurement 2008
Authors: Danielle Siegers, Patrick Hermie, Peter Masson
Company: Bucknull & Masson
June 1, 2008

Research papers

The better alternative to fusion

This paper describes a practical and economic route to providing the media planner with a multi-media and target group data base and evaluation system for campaign planning, where the different media results either are the planning and buying...

Catalogue: Worldwide Multi Media Measurement 2006
Authors: Peter Masson, Paul Sumner
Company: Bucknull & Masson
June 4, 2006

Research papers


The focus of this paper is on the practical issues of applying multi-media data in the everyday media (buying and selling) market place. If multi-media data cannot be seen by the users (particularly media owners) to provide (financial) benefit and be...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF WAM Conference 2003: Media Mix
Authors: Peter Callius, Peter Masson
Company: Bucknull & Masson
June 18, 2003

Research papers

Measuring the 'daily reach of dailies' and newspaper sections

Many newspapers have a distinct and regular readership pattern across the days of the week, a function of general newspaper readership patterns and of differing editorial content. The current press readership model, based on 'average issue'...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF WAM Conference 2002: Print
Authors: Ingemar Lindberg, Paul Sumner, Peter Masson
Company: Bucknull & Masson
June 13, 2002

Research papers

Meeting media data needs in the age of the Europlanner

The first part of this paper is concerned to describe the changes that are taking place in the organisational structure of companies operating across Europe. These changes give rise to the central control of marketing and communication resources, and...

Catalogue: Seminar 1992: Media Research Meets The Future
Author: Peter Masson
Company: Bucknull & Masson
June 15, 1992