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Research papers

The evaluation of below-the-line activity by ad hoc field research

The author has attempted to show that conducting ad hoc survey research to determine the effectiveness of below- the-line activities is a viable but difficult field to work in. Once a decision has been made as to what performance criterion variables...

Catalogue: Market Researchers Look At Advertising: A Collection of ESOMAR papers 1949-1979
Author: Peter Sampson
June 15, 1980

Research papers

Centralised multi-national research in the travel industry

The paper queries whether the "international consumer" exists as such; in determining the best research method in multi-country research projects, it suggests that no single rigid approach (standardised comparability:non-comparability,...

Catalogue: ICC/ESOMAR Symposium 1984: International Marketing Research
Author: Peter B. Hodgson
June 15, 1984

Research papers

Managing a research company towards standard services and consultancy

In the most recent years demand for services to business enterprises has significantly grown because of various factors. Market research and management consultancy have both profited by this growth but the link between these two services still...

Catalogue: Seminar 1988: Business To Business Research
Author: Carlo Erminero
Company: Demoskopea
June 15, 1988

Research papers

From agency to consultant

This paper has the appearance of a check list. It might well serve that purpose for a market research agency when composing a more or less standardised offering to the parties in a given marketplace. In the context of this seminar it is meant to make...

Catalogue: Seminar 1988: Business To Business Research
Author: Kees Fiolet
Company: IBM Corporation
June 15, 1988

Research papers

Global advertising

Two opposing philosophies have divided the multinational advertising and marketing community. 1) There are certain universal consumer needs and values; therefore, it is possible to develop, a standardized advertising campaign in one market and export...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF/JMA Conference 1990: America, Japan and EC '92
Author: Peter Klein
June 15, 1990

Research papers

Globalization- Segmentation- Standardization

Simultaneously with the increase of international economic operations - as well capital- as product- transactions - there is a growing interest in different aspects of international marketing. In many fields however, the evolution of the...

Catalogue: Seminar 1976: International Market Research
Author: Walter Pintens
April 1, 1976

Research papers

An investigation of the creative approaches to the standardisation of international qualitative research studies

The question of standardisation of international qualitative studies has arisen in part due to the direct demands which global marketing and advertising is making on research. Because products and marketing strategies are being standardised, so it is...

Catalogue: Seminar 1986: Qualitative Methods Of Research
Authors: Colleen Ryan, Shirley Kitchen
June 15, 1986

Research papers

Standardizing advertising for the international market

Should advertising of various products and services be standardized in the international market, or are there too many cultural obstacles? At one extreme is the view that one basic advertising theme is desirable because of similarities in points of...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1975: Quality In Research
Author: Steuart Henderson Britt
August 1, 1975

Research papers


The objective of this seminar was to underline the value of the team-effort between user and supplier.

Catalogue: Seminar 1976: International Market Research
Author: A. F. Velokamp
Company: Heineken
April 1, 1976