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Research papers

Comments on papers: Session I

I consider that the need of the farmer to obtain a reasonable return on his capital investment has been insufficiently stressed in the papers that we have just heard. There is little doubt that the dairy cow produces a better level of economic return...

Catalogue: Seminar 1968: Market Research On Agriculture And Farmers
Author: K. W. Aspinall
Company: GSK
May 1, 1968

Research papers

How potent is my potion?

Creating change in today's marketplace is a challenge in any category, with rising clutter levels and tuned-out consumers. Marketers across categories have been grappling, for quite some time now, with autopilot brand choices, habit-driven consumers...

Catalogue: Global Healthcare 2008: Consumer Choice
Authors: Anjali Puri, Sumeet Saluja
Companies: Nielsen, GSK
February 6, 2008

Research papers

Heat, misery and mosquitoes

The paper describes a multi-country study carried out on behalf of SmithKline Beecham International by Complete Market Research. The aim of the study was to explore the anti-malarial market in several developing countries, and to identify potential...

Catalogue: EphMRA/ESOMAR Conference 1997: Sharpening Tools For The Future
Authors: Carole Abbotts, Georgina Butcher
Company: GSK
June 15, 1997

Research papers

Against all odds!

The challenge of establishing a leading brand in terms of market share and pharmacist recommendation in the OTC segment of pain relievers proves to be the ultimate task for marketing and market research: the coping strategies of sufferers seemed too...

Catalogue: Global Healthcare 2010: Trends And Innovation Booster
Authors: Dirk Frank, Marcus Neureiter
Company: GSK
March 3, 2010

Research papers

Moving from Data-Driven to Deeper Human Understanding

We at GSK Consumer Healthcare (GSK CH) are undergoing a transformation, from being the consumerhealthcare division of GSK, to being on our way to becoming a standalone consumer health business. As such,we are transforming the way that we do business,...

Catalogue: Future-Proofing and Foresight
Authors: Liz Haas-Pietronave, Liz Haas-Pietronave, Liz Haas-Pietronave, Liz Haas-Pietronave, Liz Haas-Pietronave, Liz Haas-Pietronave, Liz Haas-Pietronave, Liz Haas-Pietronave, Liz Haas-Pietronave, Liz Haas-Pietronave, James Sallows
Company: GSK
April 14, 2022