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Research papers

Progress towards media mix accountability

PPM commercial audience estimates offer insight about consumers' avoidance of tv commercials. Total commercial avoidance, an average 7%, is composed of nearly six- tenths channel switching and four-tenths due to other 'interruptions'. Program content...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF WAM Conference 2005: Cross Media
Authors: Roberta M. McConochie, Leslie Wood, Beth Uyenco, Chris Heider
Companies: Nielsen, OMD Group
June 23, 2005

Research papers

Radio's unique contribution to the media mix according to PPM's 'real' cross-media measurement

This paper identifies the planning/selling situations where radio contributes substantially to the media mix.'Real' unified cross-media information from Arbitron's Portable People Meter (PPM) data provide the input and Stone House Systems' analytics...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF WAM Conference 2004: Radio
Authors: Roberta M. McConochie, Beth Uyenco, Kevin Killion
June 17, 2004

Research papers

Progress toward passive measurement of print

Arbitron and Time Inc. are considering technology-based measurement to capture magazine readership, possibly as an enhancement to Arbitron's Portable People Meter (PPM) measurement. The present video-based investigation addresses a precondition to...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF WAM Conference 2004: Print
Authors: Roberta M. McConochie, Jane Bailey
June 15, 2004

Research papers

Real cross media intelligence for real cross media planning

Arbitron's Portable People Meter (PPM) results provide 'real' cross-media duplication between radio and television. PPM differs from present currency-based estimation of random duplication between independent sources for local-market radio and...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF WAM Conference 2003: Media Mix
Authors: Roberta M. McConochie, Beth Uyenco
Companies: Nielsen, OMD Group
June 18, 2003

Research papers

21st century measurement of 21st century media

Arbitron's Portable People Meters (PPM) capture considerably more granularity of consumer listening behavior than the diary method, according to recent PPM results from Philadelphia. Though both methods yield similar overall quarter-hours, PPM picks...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF WAM Conference 2003: Radio
Authors: Roberta M. McConochie, Bruce Goerlich, Scott Stinnett
Company: Nielsen
June 16, 2003

Research papers

Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll

Portable People Meter measurement captures 'real' radio cume build, rather than current estimates based on weeklong diary surveys, modeled over multiple weeks. Early PPM results in the Philadelphia (US) market confirm previous benchmark industry...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF WAM Conference 2002: Radio
Authors: Roberta M. McConochie, Tony Jarvis, Linda Dupree
Company: Nielsen
June 14, 2002

Research papers

Trash and treasures of duplication

This paper presents early cross-media results from Arbitron's 2002 portable people meter (PPM) panel in the Philadelphia (United States) market. Previous results from the small-scale PPM panel in Wilmington (Delaware) in 2001 suggested important...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF WAM Conference 2002: Television
Authors: Roberta M. McConochie, Beth Uyenco
Companies: Nielsen, OMD Group
June 9, 2002

Research papers

The radio-tv media mix

The authors recently analyzed the local delivery of national television schedules in concert with proposed purchases of spot radio weight on a Designated Market Area basis. The purpose of the analysis was to determine the optimal combination of...

Catalogue: ARF/ESOMAR Worldwide Radio 2001
Authors: Craig T. Gugel, Roberta M. McConochie
April 1, 2001

Research papers

Predicting consumers' acceptance of new video technologies

This article overviews consumers interests in new video technologies, which will deliver both high quality video entertainment and Internet/information services, in other words video technologies which bring convergence. Two independent sets of...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF Seminar 1998: Electronic Media And Measurement Trends
Authors: Bruce Goerlich, Denman Maroney, Roberta M. McConochie
Company: Nielsen
June 15, 1998