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Guiding marketers with insights automation at Shell

As the world's largest mobility retailer and one of the biggest oil and gas companies, Shell's growth goals are equally monumental: double their retail business within ten years. In this webinar, James Johnstone (Head of Global Customer Insights at...

Catalogue: Webinars 2020
Authors: James Johnstone, Elizabeth P. Morgan
Companies: Shell Global, Market Logic Software
November 5, 2020

Research papers

Future fuels

The presentation reviews the results of an 18 month research programme conducted for the Shell Future Fuels division beginning in August 2007 .The goal of the study was to better understand American and German driver attitudes towards alternative...

Catalogue: Congress 2009: Leading The Way
Authors: Leslie Pascaud, Duncan Macleod, Isabelle Remond
Companies: Added Value, Shell Global
September 22, 2009

Research papers

From customer satisfaction to customer segmentation

This paper describes how research was used to help Shell UK to develop a strategy to understand and build relationships with consumers in a market which has become increasingly competitive: the UK petrol/ diesel market The paper demonstrates the need...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/JMA/ARF Conference 1995: Triad 2000
Authors: Stephen Bairfelt, Trevor Richards
Company: Shell Global
June 15, 1995

Research papers

Which dog? Which tail?

In real life central and decentralised research departments exist side by side. Their relative strengths depend on staffing, budgets and the stage reached by the company in the central vs local autonomy cycle. Since both types of department exist,...

Catalogue: Seminar 1988: International Marketing Reserarch
Authors: Jane Kalim, John Rutherford
Company: Shell Global
June 15, 1988

Research papers

Positioning of the (agrochemicals) marketing research manager in an international company

This paper, which is a personal view intended to stimulate debate, starts with the premise that any consideration of the positioning and role of the agrochemical marketing research manager in a diversified international company cannot be isolated...

Catalogue: Seminar 1985: Agricultural Marketing Research in Europe
Author: Ian Donald Farquharson
Company: Shell Global
June 15, 1985

Case studies

The use of criteria rating and customer role play as an aid to problem definition

A multi-disciplinary group was asked to place itself in the position of each customer class and, without reference to the candidate product, derive a list of criteria by which they would judge the value of a chemical mower. They were then asked,...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1984: What We Have Learned From The Recession
Author: Ian Donald Farquharson
Company: Shell Global
June 15, 1984

Research papers

From scenarios to strategy

Planning is a process in which the management of an organisation must take an active part and with the aid of which major decisions are taken about the structure and direction of the corporation. The decisions involve resource allocation in the...

Catalogue: AMA/JMRA/JMA/ESOMAR Conference 1983: Strategic Planning
Author: Jaap P. Leemhuis
Company: Shell Global
June 15, 1983

Research papers

Neighbour and worker attitudes toward chemical industry issues

This paper sets forth the results of a recent study of public, neighbour and worker attitudes toward chemical companies in general, and toward chemicals and cancer risk in particular. Some of the results of that study are summarised in this paper. In...

Catalogue: AMA/ESOMAR Conference 1981: From Advertising To Communication Research
Author: René Zentner
Company: Shell Global
June 15, 1981

Research papers

Attempt at integration of social change for business purposes

While the industrialised countries of Western Europe have managed prodigious feats of production and growth during the past 25 years, current difficulties would seem to indicate that 'unexpected visitors' have somehow disturbed the rules of the game,...

Catalogue: Seminar 1980: Social Change Analysis As A Tool For Strategic Planning And Decision Making
Author: Henri Lombard
Company: Shell Global
June 18, 1980