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Research papers

Imagine that we can test imagination!

The paper describes the process of integrating traditional pre-testing methods with neuroscientific ones, which are based on brain waves (EEG), skin conductance (SC) and eye-tracking (ET) measurements. Study results are discussed with regard to the...

Catalogue: CEE Research Forum 2012: Global Fuel For Local Boost!
Authors: Rafal Ohme, Cristina De Balanzó, Henk Eising
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
March 26, 2012

Research papers

Predicting brand decisions through emotional engagement

This paper brings into perspective the need to combine new research approaches with traditional ones. This will enable us to answer new and old questions, create innovative approaches using new technologies, and deliver more creative ways of...

Catalogue: Congress 2011: Impact
Authors: Rafal Ohme, Cristina De Balanzó, Henk Eising
Companies: KANTAR TNS Malaysia, Heineken
September 18, 2011

Research papers

Integrating qualitative methods with biometrics

The presentation contains results of conscious self-reports compared to neurophysiological unconscious reactions (reflected by EEG, EMG, and SC). The relation between the methods and present interpretations based on qualitative methods and biometrics...

Catalogue: Qualitative 2009: The Evolving Human
Authors: Rafal Ohme, Agnieszka Wnuk, Magdelena Jagielska
November 19, 2009