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Research papers

Market segmentation

In the broadest sense of the term, market segmentation as a strategy has been with us as long as marketing itself. Essentially, it hinges on the principle that consumers are not all alike, and utilises that principle in the sale of merchandise. Until...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1972: Marketing In A Changing World
Author: A. l. Biel
Company: Ogilvy
September 1, 1972

Case studies

Steering healthier lifestyles

This case study takes place amidst a familiar backdrop sector funding cuts driving service reform. In this instance, this meant the proposed integration of separate behaviour change support services- for smoking, excessive alcohol consumption,...

Catalogue: Global Qualitative 2016: The Business Value of Intelligent Stories
Authors: Rachel Abbott, Eimear MacGarty
Company: The Behavioural Architects
November 16, 2016

Research papers

Diminishing political participation

Statistics show that political participation in Switzerland, as in many other Western countries, is constantly decreasing. A first analysis has shown, that certain segments of the population are much less participating in polls than others,...

Catalogue: Seminar 1980: Social Change Analysis As A Tool For Strategic Planning And Decision Making
Author: Werner Wyss
Company: SCOPE Qualitative Research AG
June 18, 1980

Research papers

An international comparative approach to environmental public opinion

Using Environics’ global database resulting from its 1998 International Environmental Monitor survey (involving over 30 interviews across thirty countries representing 68% of the world's population) the authors undertook a segmentation analysis...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1999: The Race For Innovation
Authors: Doug Miller, David Jamieson
Company: IRIS Network
September 1, 1999

Research papers

From purchasing and consuming habits to basic underlying attitudes

Consequently, it is in order to offer the Marketing man better criteria for the definition and the recognition of a target group that various surveys have described readers, radio listeners, TV-viewers: - according to their main interests or...

Catalogue: Seminar 1973: From Market Research To Advertising Strategy And Vice-Versa
Author: Jean Quatresooz
June 15, 1973

Research papers

Segmenting the U.S. market for pleasure travel to Europe

American travel to Europe, having hovered around the four million mark for half a dozen years, took off in 1984 and appears to be reaching for a new plateau at around the six million level. Thus, on sheer size alone, this market deserves to be...

Catalogue: Seminar 1988: Travel And Tourism Research
Author: Edward Berrol
Company: Ogilvy
May 4, 1988

Research papers

The motorist and his car

The importance of understanding the motorist's mentality, and how his mentality is changing, should be obvious in the areas indicated below. The degree to which a motorist willingly and enthusiastically accepts a car as an exciting and enjoyable part...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Congress 1973: The Application Of Market And Social Research For More Efficient Planning
Author: Mark R. C. Lovell
June 15, 1973


The 2021 global consumer: Spotlight on satisfaction and confidence

Who is the 2021 consumer? We looked at consumer satisfaction and confidence to segment our audience and understand what's in store in 2021. Five key segments emerged:- Very Pessimistic- Cautious- Unsatisfied Spender- Satisfied Spender- Very...

Catalogue: Webinars 2021
Author: Richie Heron
Company: Toluna
April 1, 2021

Research papers

Segmentation of the pleasure travel market to Europe

On the basis of this pilot study, we can definitely say that attitude segmentation exist in this market. We can indeed locate and delineate segments of travellers who share a particular orientation towards travel and who differ from other segments in...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1974: The Challenges Facing Marketing Research
Author: Edward Berrol
Company: Ogilvy
September 1, 1974