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Research papers

Scan 5000

Scan 5000 is the first service tracking permanently consumer consumption and causal data related to the store where they are used to buy. In fact, only 6 % of the household are visiting occasionally large surface stores. In average, a french...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1988
Authors: Marc Gauguier, Alain Pioche
Company: Nielsen
September 1, 1988

Research papers

Here's looking at you

In Britain, group discussions have traditionally been conducted in recruiters' homes. Over the past 10 years, there has been a tendency for more clients to want to observe qualitative research and research studios with one-way mirrors have started to...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1991: Marketing In A New Europe
Authors: Freda Jones, Allyson Armitstead
June 15, 1991

Research papers

The challenges for agricultural market research in the united Germany

After the political and economic opening of Eastern Europe towards the West, many companies which wanted to become active in these new markets asked quite quickly for market data. If any qualitative or quantitative market data on farm structures,...

Catalogue: Seminar 1992: European Agriculture In Transition
Author: Karl-Georg Herbert
Company: Produkt + Markt GmbH & Co. KG
June 15, 1992

Research papers

The rise and power of online communities in the network economy

The paper relates to the use and value of business-to-consumer online communities in the network economy. It uses empirical research, such as observation and moderated email groups to understand the value of online communities in building and...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 2000: The Impact Of Networking
Author: Alexandra Trabak
September 1, 2000

Research papers

Nutrition in Mexico: Differences between claims and reality

The purpose of this paper is to give a clear picture on the limitations of the information obtained through focus group sessions in relation to certain topics, and the possibility of improving consumer insights through direct observation or...

Catalogue: Latin America 2004: Integrating Diversity Across the Continent
Authors: Manuel Barberena, Orly Marcovich
Company: Pearson S.A. de C.V.
October 24, 2004

Research papers

Everyone searches!

Tsquared Insights is a market research agency established in 2010 and based in Geneva. Its Online Search Insights methodology, in particular, leverages big data from global search activity- around two trillion searchers per year across all major...

Catalogue: Congress 2017: Visionary
Authors: Mathieu Trepanier, Jean-Philippe Lebudel
September 4, 2017