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Research papers

Qualitative effects of media on advertising effectiveness

This study presents a quantitative examination of the qualitative impact of print media, both newspaper and magazine, on advertising effectiveness.Previous research has identified 39 distinct qualitative experiences involved in reading magazines and...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF WAM Conference 2004: Print
Authors: Bobby Calder, Edward Malthouse
June 15, 2004

Research papers

Editing, coding and processing of market research data

In earlier chapters techniques have been described for obtaining market research data. These techniques provide raw disaggregated data. Before this can be used it must be converted from its raw state into finished tabulations. These show the findings...

Catalogue: Consumer Market Research Handbook
Author: Geoffrey W. Roughton
August 1, 1986

Research papers

An exploratory model of mediterranean tourist flows

The extent of the tourist flows towards the Mediterranean seashore zones can depend a priori on a wide range of factors. We undertook a simple study involving only readily accessible' data so as to assess the existence or the absence of a structure...

Catalogue: Seminar 1967: Travel and Tourism
Author: Georges Comès
November 23, 1967