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Get seen when nobody's really looking: How to write effectively in the low attention era

We all produce written content. And we all want our writing to be noticed, engaged with and acted upon. However, your audiences are time-poor and have lower attention spans than ever. This means your content is permanently walking a tightrope of...

Catalogue: Webinars 2020
Authors: Jack Miles, Angela Canin
Company: Northstar Research
February 17, 2020


There's something about market research

In the past, market research has suffered from a poor reputation and whilst the industry is evolving, it continues to be a fairly elusive career choice that is difficult to define. That said we are seeing increasing numbers of enthusiastic young...

Catalogue: Congress 2014: What Inspires?
Authors: Katie Aylward, Samantha Bond
Company: Northstar Research
June 15, 2014


How design thinking allows market research to take the lead and become an innovation powerhouse

The R&D sector is worth $1.7tn. Insight should be central to this. But currently, it's not. At best, we're a small component in the larger innovation machine. And often, we're completely ignored. This shouldn't be the case.Learn how combining...

Catalogue: Insights Festival 2020
Authors: Alex Wilman, Nicholas JianHao Lee
Companies: Northstar Research, FigureFigure Studios
September 16, 2020


The small enterprise blueprint

Small Enterprises (SE) organisations with less than 50 employees, are often overlooked by market research agencies. However, in the UK alone SE account for 42% of all UK business turnover. It was in this context of untapped opportunity Northstar...

Catalogue: Congress 2018
Authors: Alex Holmes, Alex Wilman
Company: Northstar Research
September 23, 2018


The new rules of attraction

Entrepreneurship is the Millennial ambition. Record numbers of Millennials are starting their own business and governments around the world are accelerating this trend, supporting start-ups in the attempt to drive growth. So, the game is changing,...

Catalogue: Congress 2015: Revelations
Author: Samantha Bond
Company: Northstar Research
June 15, 2015

Research papers

Doctor, doctor, I've been dabbling in non-conscious measurement

Working in research for a decade, Tom thinks he has amassed sufficient experience to tackle most research challenges. Whilst he cares very much about his work, Tom has inadvertently become complacent. He embraced the switch to online research with...

Catalogue: Congress 2016: #WOW
Authors: Chris Warren, Dipesh Mistry
Company: Northstar Research
September 22, 2016