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Research papers

Life frames®

This paper discusses a new qualitative research approach to win meaningful insights in young consumer markets.The tool Life Frames® is based on the understanding that the consumer's demands are driven by situational needs and wants. It utilises...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference On Age 2005
Author: Axel Dammler
Company: iconkids & youth international research GmbH
January 30, 2005

Research papers

If this child were a car, what sort of car would it be?

Many clients around the world are trying to understand what appeals to a young audience, raising many challenges. Children differ vastly between age and gender, with clear global social and cultural differences. How can research be carried out on a...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Worldwide Qualitative Research Conference 2004
Author: Barbie Clarke
November 28, 2004

Research papers

The world of the child

If the noise level in America seems to be rising these days, it may be because the baby boomers are in the middle of their own baby boom "echo." Men and women who were born in the years after World War II are now raising their own children. This new...

Catalogue: Seminar 1992: Children And Young People- Are They The New Consumers?
Author: Penelope Queen
June 15, 1992

Research papers


BRAINSqueeze is a rare client-side case study that went on to have real and effective business implications, influencing on-air, on-line, programming and marketing decisions. The findings provided a unique and valuable insight into the lives and...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Excellence in Consumer Insights Conference 2003
Author: Jane Gould
Company: Viacom International Media Networks
March 30, 2003

Research papers

Sex, ads and youth

The paper describes the work that has been carried out to understand how adolescents in post-communistic countries perceive sexual and erotic symbols in advertisement. There are reasons why these symbols would not be generally accepted. Research...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference on Excellence in Consumer Insights 2004
Author: Lenka Silerová
Company: Ipsos MRBI
April 18, 2004

Research papers

Challenging stereotypes

This paper aims at analyzing the particular features taken on by a segment commonly called the young population, defined as such only on the basis of an age bracket classification, in a country marked by political, economical and social instability....

Catalogue: Latin America 2004: Integrating Diversity Across the Continent
Authors: Mónica S. Markwald, Daniela Pérez Lloveras
Company: Markwald La Madrid & Asociados
October 24, 2004