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Research reports

Attitudes to emigration with a particular reference to Australia

This research was designed e.s a preliminary, exploratory examination of the attitudes towards emigration (with special reference to Australia ) held by UK adults. The main areas examined, within the limits imposed by the small scale of the research,...

Catalogue: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive Collection
Author: CRAM/Peter Cooper Archive
April 1, 1971

Research papers

The power of your own diaspora

Ojos en el Mundo is the first market research online community, created by ProColombia, that encourages integration among Colombians living abroad, in order to gather crucial information for Colombian exporters such as consumer preferences, business...

Catalogue: Latin America 2020 - Insights Festival
Authors: Pedro Fernández, Laura Catalina Gómez
Company: ProColombia
October 19, 2020