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Research papers

What does research 2.0 mean to consumers in Asia Pacific?

This is a multi-country, multi-agency, collaborative project to look at Research 2.0 in an Asian context. Key issues addressed include:Are consumers in Asia Pacific responding to co-creation and collaboration initiatives differently from consumers in...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2009: Competing On A World Stage
Authors: Steve Cierpicki, Pete Cape, Shizue Vieira, Andrew Lewis, Ray Poynter
Companies: Research Now SSI, Colmar Brunton, Fem Marketing House Co. Ltd.
April 7, 2009

Research papers

Homogeneity or heterogeneity?

Most conversations and presentations about Web 2.0 have focused on Western examples, typically from the United States and Europe. Companies such as P&G, Lego, Albert Heijn, and Unilever tend to get most of the press, along with US-originated...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2008
Authors: Ray Poynter, John Shanahan, Jason Ho
Company: Colmar Brunton
April 9, 2008

Research papers

Insight 2.0

The insight achievable by using active Web 2.0 techniques can be quite different from traditional insight.This presentation highlights two key issues: first, how to generate and extract insight from Web 2.0 which will require new techniques and...

Catalogue: Congress 2007: Excellence
Authors: Graeme Lawrence, Ray Poynter
September 19, 2007

Research papers

How has the Internet changed research?

Marshall McLuhan said the 'medium is the message', but in the early days of online research the common call was that the Internet was just another data collection medium and that it was not going to change research, it was simply improving things...

Catalogue: Congress 2006: Foresight
Author: Ray Poynter
September 17, 2006

Research papers

How to tell snake oil from white elephants from real innovation in market research

This paper reviews the history of innovation and mistakes in order to use the power of hindsight to improve foresight, in particular to improve the chances of spotting whether a new idea is powerful piece of innovation or an expensive folly.

Catalogue: Innovate 2006
Author: Ray Poynter
May 10, 2006

Research papers

Respondent misconceptions, falling response rates, is it time for change?

This paper looks at the relationship between the researcher and the respondent and seeks to challenge outmoded attitudes and to suggest new approaches which deliver value to all stakeholders (including clients, agencies, respondents, and customers)....

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 2003: Management, Accountability and Research
Author: Ray Poynter
September 14, 2003

Research papers

Beyond online panels

The authors strongly believe that while online research is about to make marked inroads into conventional research in Europe, online panels can only provide part of the answer.The paper therefore looks at the need, in most markets outside of the...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Technovate Conference 2003
Authors: Ray Poynter, Pete Comley
January 26, 2003

Research papers

Integrating qualitative research and futurism

This paper shows how the techniques of the futurist can be used to add value and insight to the marketing research process. The paper illustrates how approaches such as 'the report in the future' and 'Scenario Spinning' can be utilized in the...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Qualitative Ascending Conference 2002
Author: Ray Poynter
Company: The Future Place
November 10, 2002

Research papers

The future is already with us

This paper adopts its title from William Gibson's quote and provides an analysis of what lies just beyond the horizon. The presentation shifts the focus away from the tactical issues (for example, how best to integrate the Internet today) towards the...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Net Effects 5 2002
Author: Ray Poynter
Company: The Future Place
February 3, 2002