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Research papers

Integrating qualitative research and futurism

This paper shows how the techniques of the futurist can be used to add value and insight to the marketing research process. The paper illustrates how approaches such as 'the report in the future' and 'Scenario Spinning' can be utilized in the...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Qualitative Ascending Conference 2002
Author: Ray Poynter
Company: The Future Place
November 10, 2002

Research papers

How has the Internet changed research?

Marshall McLuhan said the 'medium is the message', but in the early days of online research the common call was that the Internet was just another data collection medium and that it was not going to change research, it was simply improving things...

Catalogue: Congress 2006: Foresight
Author: Ray Poynter
September 17, 2006

Research papers

Using computer mice to enhance data capture

This paper reviews the contribution that a computer mouse can offer with respect to enhancing Computer Aided Personal Interviewing (CAPI). The paper briefly refers to the new advantages and problems that CAPI has introduced, and goes on to discuss...

Catalogue: Seminar 1992: Do New Technologies Help Or Hinder Marketing Decisions?
Author: Ray Poynter
June 15, 1992

Research papers

Creating a new playbook

The biggest challenge to the future of qualitative research is that more and more people who do not understand the qualitative paradigm are able to conduct projects, using sophisticated tools, without the knowledge of how to conduct and analyse...

Catalogue: Qualitative 2013: Brilliant Transformations
Author: Ray Poynter
November 20, 2013

Research papers

From clipboards to online research communities

Online panels are replacing telephone and face-to-face data collection; increasingly MROCs are replacing more established methods of talking to consumers. What do respondents think about these changes? Are there differences between countries? This...

Catalogue: Congress 2010: The Changing Face Of Market Research
Authors: Jackie Lorch, Steve Cierpicki, Bill Zuo, Cam Davis, Ray Poynter, Keith Phillips, Sue York
Companies: Colmar Brunton, Nielsen, Research Now SSI
September 15, 2010

Research papers

Finding and communicating the story in the data

Most people now agree that storytelling is the key to communicating market research insight and that the target is to create impact. However, there is much less agreement and material about the problem of how to find the story in the data. Some...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2016: Get Connected!
Author: Ray Poynter
May 19, 2016

Research papers

The do's and don'ts of Internet interviewing

The objective of this paper is to share current best practice in the area of the Internet interview. In particular the paper aims to draw together experiences from Europe and the United States. The paper reviews the history of Internet interviewing...

Catalogue: The Worldwide Internet Seminar 1998
Authors: Ray Poynter, Karlan Witt
June 15, 1998

Research papers

Retail VS. direct

This paper explores how PC vending is changing and adapting to the challenges of new technologies and attitudes. Business and consumer desktop PC markets are the topic of investigation. These markets are particularly suitable for investigation as...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 2000: The Impact Of Networking
Author: Ray Poynter
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
September 1, 2000

Research papers

Deconstructing what machine learning does when processing text

Learn how to use machine learning text analytics, from scratch, for free, using open-source R.

Catalogue: Fusion 2019
Author: Ray Poynter
Company: The Future Place
November 10, 2019