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Research papers

From research to creation

The purpose of this paper is to suggest a sequence of creation which will enable the intermediary (the Creative Director, the copy-chief, the Account supervisor) to obtain advertisements which will satisfy the criteria of both the creative man and...

Catalogue: Seminar 1973: From Market Research To Advertising Strategy And Vice-Versa
Author: Henri Joannis
June 15, 1973

Research papers

Advertising information systems

This paper focuses on the design and implementation of an advertising information system. It is based on experience of IMS since 1969 in creating a multi-data base, multi- user interactive advertising and marketing information service. Topics to be...

Catalogue: Seminar 1980: Information Systems In Action
Authors: Leon Liebman, Daniel Olasin
June 15, 1980

Research papers

Advertising, promotions and direct marketing

The paper begins with an analysis of the spectacular development of the direct marketing Europe and the United States, followed by an examination of the causes of this development. The second part of the paper stresses the crucial importance of...

Catalogue: AMA/ESOMAR Conference 1981: From Advertising To Communication Research
Author: Sylvère Piquet
June 15, 1981

Research papers

Beyond the rocking chair

At a recent conference in New York on the issue of age stereotypes, the spokesperson said: "Old people are ugly, decrepit, stupid, forgetful, toothless, sexless after sixty-five, ready to fall off the conveyor belt of life... this is the way the...

Catalogue: AMA/ESOMAR Conference 1981: From Advertising To Communication Research
Author: Rena Bartos
June 15, 1981

Research papers

Standardizing advertising for the international market

Should advertising of various products and services be standardized in the international market, or are there too many cultural obstacles? At one extreme is the view that one basic advertising theme is desirable because of similarities in points of...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1975: Quality In Research
Author: Steuart Henderson Britt
August 1, 1975

Research papers

Planning advertising strategy

Here we are reminded again that technical expertise in conducting research is not the criterion by which its usefulness is judged. Research alone may not indicate the correct action and it is not just interpretation which must be added, or even a...

Catalogue: Market Researchers Look At Advertising: A Collection of ESOMAR papers 1949-1979
Author: Daniel Yankelovich
June 15, 1980