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Global research transition

This presentation illustrates emerging research methodologies and introduces a multi layered approach. SC Johnson required an innovative approach to understand consumers’ decision- making journey within the air care category. A quantitative...

Catalogue: CEE Research Forum 2012: Global Fuel For Local Boost!
Authors: Corrine Sandler, Jenna Alexandre
June 15, 2012

Research papers

Advocracy - Harnessing the power of the consumer

This paper illustrates a new and more robust model for advocacy in the multi-media age. Building upon previous models, the authors identify the different variables that create advocacy and show how to engage people at both the category and brand...

Catalogue: Congress 2010: The Changing Face Of Market Research
Authors: Stephen Phillips, Kate Willis
September 15, 2010

Research papers

Pre market evaluation of new consumer durable brands in Asian markets

This paper outlines the challenges in developing a reliable methodology for pre market evaluation of consumer durables in Asian markets. It looks at issues such as:Response errors due to gratuity and over claim, common in Asian markets....

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2010: Eyes on Asia
Authors: Raghavan Srinivasan, Mahesh Agarwal, Dadang Arie Stiawan, K. Vijayakumar
Company: KANTAR TNS Malaysia
April 20, 2010

Research papers

The future consumer

This presentation takes a look at the possible future of online research by exploring how the co-creative process and online qualitative research methodologies have evolved, becoming ideally placed to have a major contribution to future innovations...

Catalogue: Online Research 2009: Online Panels & Beyond
Authors: Darren Lewis, Koen van der Wal
Company: MetrixLab
October 29, 2009

Research papers

Satisfied with your customer analysis methods?

While there has been good progress in the past several years in the conceptualization and understanding of the determinants of satisfaction, analytic methods for understanding customer satisfaction have been stagnant.The authors first review these...

Catalogue: Latin America 2005
Authors: Leopoldo Neira, Steve Cohen
Company: Dichter & Neira
October 23, 2005

Research papers

Inspiring creativity through online stakeholder involvement

Have you been involved in multi-country innovation research? Or ever wished you had?Do not let the hurdles of such studies hold you back, but instead make it a smart process. Inspire the innovations team, and consumers.How? Start by listening to the...

Catalogue: Congress 2005: Making A Difference
Authors: Menno Urbanus, Steffen Entzeroth, Edward Groenland, Ine Dinklo
Company: Blauw Research
September 21, 2005

Research papers

Segment optimization

A cornerstone of marketing theory is that segmentation can play a crucial role in any marketing strategy. The purpose of this paper is to offer an approach that integrates the subjective and objective aspects of segmenting markets to enable the...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference on Marketing 2004
Authors: Douglas MacLachlan, Michael Mulhern
October 10, 2004

Research papers

A clean future

This paper will tell the story of co-research as it is seen through the eyes of the client and researcher. We will show how Electrolux Floor Care Europe and Ipsos-Eureka work systematically and strategically with Consumer Insight within the product...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference on Excellence in Consumer Insights 2004
Authors: Anna Karin Trydegård, Naama Forsrup, Eva Glantz
Company: Ipsos MRBI
April 18, 2004

Research papers

Consumer behaviour and demand projections for the consumer electronics market in Brazil

The paper shows how it is possible to measure the influence of short-term cyclical factors on consumers' purchasing decisions in conjunction with factors specific to the market under analysis and obtain consistent models with satisfactory predictive...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference on Excellence in Consumer Insights 2004
Authors: Ana Hutz, Christian Andrei, Gustavo Madi Rezende, Elisabete Paschoal
Company: Philips International
April 18, 2004