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Brands Connect: The importance of peer networking and collaboration

Debuted at the ESOMAR Insights Festival 2020, our Brands Connect series continues with its next episode exploring with insights leaders working within brands and research using organisations the opportunities and challenges they see for their...

Catalogue: Brands Connect Series
Authors: Michelle Gansle, Raphael Meillat
Companies: Mars Wrigley, Nissan Motor Co.
November 4, 2020


Remaining human in a world of AI

This time, it will not be the AI winters we saw in the 1970s and 1990s, but a human winter, where the very relevance of human effort is being called into question. There is an irony inherent in this- developments in AI started to gain a strong...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2020 - Insights Festival
Author: Ramanathan Vythilingam
Company: Unilever
November 2, 2020


The power of bad

Do we really remember the times we felt good more evocatively than the moments where we struggled? It's a question that goes to the heart of research and insight. Are we more likely to act on bad news or good? And if it's the former, how can we frame...

Catalogue: Insights Festival 2020
Authors: Leanne Tomasevic, Grant Feller
Companies: GF-Media, Truth Consulting
September 16, 2020


Good health and well being: Public perceptions of Schizophrenia

Creating a difference to stop the stigmatization of mental health patients, a corporate social responsibility perspective - through the collaboration of a pharmaceutical company an NGO ad a Research Company.

Catalogue: Insights Festival 2020
Authors: Çigdem Penn, Elif Elkin, Haldun Soygur
Companies: , Abdi Ibrahim Otsuka Ilaç
September 15, 2020


Virtually happy

There is no doubt that technology has helped preserve some essential connections during the pandemic but these technologies can't replace aspects of social interactions such as impromptu watercooler chats and laughs and social touches. (the right...

Catalogue: Insights Festival 2020
Author: Stephanie Davies
Company: Laughology
September 14, 2020


Using the real behaviour behind Big Data to improve participant quality

We'll look at the psychology behind technology to show how big data is used to get closer to people's real behaviour. Brands use the wealth of information in digital footprints to reach consumers - we can use it to find the best people for research.

Catalogue: Fusion 2019
Authors: Hugh Carling, Patrick Fagan
Company: Liveminds
November 10, 2019


Metaphors we remember by

Steer away from the dominant MR narrative (that focuses on the limits of human memory) and learn how to elicit and decode early memories to reveal precious information about how a person views the world.

Catalogue: Fusion 2019
Author: Oana Popa Rengle
Company: Anamnesis
November 10, 2019


The real why and the hidden who

A look at how Ogilvy is better leveraging behavioral science & cognitive segmentation techniques to create more effective marketing communication strategies, founded on a new approach to measuring personality & cognitive thinking styles.

Catalogue: Congress 2019: The Global Data & Insights Summit
Authors: Jon Puleston, Christopher Graves
Companies: Ogilvy, Kantar
September 8, 2019