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Research papers

Better understand your customers!

In the modern business world, organisations are increasingly focused on their customers. This paper describes the role of data mining in customer relationship management. Data mining is the "heart" of CRM, because it provides us with the...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Customer Relationship Management Conference 2002
Authors: Tom Khabaza, Alex Nippe
March 17, 2002

Research papers

The application of rule induction and neural networks for television audience prediction

Rule induction and neural networks have been applied to audience data to produce promising results for understanding and predicting audience behaviour. Potential deployment designs suggest that this will be a fruitful way to assist the task of...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/EMAC/AFM Symposium 1993: Information Based Decision Making In Marketing
Authors: Mike Fitzsimons, Tom Khabaza, Colin Shearer
Company: British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
June 15, 1993