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Research papers

Coffee mavens and the global search for the ultimate experience

This paper reviews the first marketing application of the use of coffee mavens, trusted expert coffee consumers willing to share knowledge and the first to pick up new trends. A worldwide online usage and attitudes study on coffee helped define the...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2011: Increasing Value Through Simplicity
Authors: Roberto Cappuccio, Peter Kenny
Company: Colmar Brunton
March 20, 2011

Research papers

The superiority of panel research

We are operating in a world where the credibility of online research quality is under attack. There is a global ISO initiative on Online Quality Research.We have recognized that a quality sample is only part of providing credible and valid data....

Catalogue: Panel Research 2007
Authors: Brian Fine, Con Menictas, Edward Wei
Company: Colmar Brunton
October 28, 2007

Research papers

Panel satisfaction index

Understanding online access panelists' motivation and satisfaction drivers is a key issue for panel owners to recruit and retain their survey participants.This paper strives to provide a better understanding of panel satisfaction drivers and question...

Catalogue: Panel Research 2007
Authors: Andera Gadeib, Laetitia Sassinot-Uny
Company: Dialego AG
October 28, 2007

Research papers

Program quality evaluation

This paper explains how a new standardized Norm-based television program Quality evaluation Index (NQI) research method has been formulated and utilized to assess television program quality and research in Korea.Traditionally audience rating has been...

Catalogue: WM3 2007
Authors: Heung Chul Lee, Dong Hoon Ma, Tae Kyung Lee
June 3, 2007

Research papers

Panel and data quality

A common forecast argues a cadre of professional respondents threaten the validity and reliability of results from market research- especially Internet-based market research using online access panels.While usefully drawing attention to the issue of...

Catalogue: Panel Research 2006
Authors: Holland Hofman Brown, Renee Smith
Company: Harris Interactive (Europe)
October 8, 2006

Research papers

When good researchers go bad

Consumer insights has become the catch-phrase of the new millennium in market research. This presentation suggests that the emphasis on insights as opposed to research can produce shoddy research with poor insights.After a series of examples of...

Catalogue: Consumer Insights 2005
Author: Stephen P. Needel
November 15, 2005

Research papers

Perceptions of survey participation

As market research achieves maturity in Brazil and Mexico, some of the very same problems crippling practitioners in North America and Europe show up in survey cooperation trends and the issue of the vanishing respondent.This paper focuses on these...

Catalogue: Latin America 2005
Authors: Francisco Abundis, Leonardo Athias, Fabián Echegaray
Company: Market Analysis
October 23, 2005

Research papers

Research ethics, morality and quality

The early research industry was experimental, experiential and built around key individuals' skills. It is now far too often a 'process' with rules and procedures, resulting in a commoditised context for purchase, use and evaluation.The process has...

Catalogue: Congress 2005: Making A Difference
Author: Neil McPhee
September 21, 2005