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Research papers

Retail audits

This paper examines Retail Audit data captured in Egypt using econometric modelling. The approach currently is not purely directed at forecasts or predictions but an understanding of trend movements. ARIMA and Transfer Function Modelling has been...

Catalogue: MENAP Forum 1996: Pressure On Profit
Authors: Bhawani Singh, Salil Punoose
March 1, 1996

Research papers

Retail market measurement

The purpose of this chapter is to explain how market information based upon retail sales is derived and used by manufacturers and retailers to make better business decisions. Since the emergence of mass marketing, manufacturers of fast turnover...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Handbook Of Market And Opinion Research
Authors: James Brooks, Tim S. Bowles
September 1, 1998

Research papers

The effect of bar code scanning technology on marketing, merchandising and research practices within the US packaged goods industry, and outlook and implications for the spread of this technology to the international market

The 1980's saw a fundamental change In the nature of syndicated marketplace Information in the US. A change which has had profound effects on marketing, merchandising and research practices. As the spread of this technology to other countries Is...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF/JMA Conference 1992: Marketing And Research Under A "New World Order"
Author: George R. Garrick
June 15, 1992

Research papers

Using retail and consumer data to forecast when a growing market will peak

This paper will look at two markets as case studies (microwave ovens and 3-in-l vacuum cleaners) and attempt to show that an accurate prediction could have been made of when the markets would peak. In each case study the prediction is made when the...

Catalogue: Papers 1992: How To Endure In The Durables Industry?
Author: Gary Lamb
Company: GfK
June 15, 1992

Research papers

The use of retail audit research in developing and maintaining effective retail distribution

The paper gives an overview of the relationships between two key pieces of retail audit information, sales share and distribution. It shows how, if used correctly, retail audit data can give management a means of focussing their resources to increase...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference 1992: The Opportunity Factors To Business Success In The Post War Middle East
Author: Tony Antoniou
June 15, 1992

Research papers

Rousing recklessness

This paper is essential for marketers wanting clear guidance on how to induce impulse purchasing in traditional Indian outlets. Interesting profiles of the Indian shops , shopkeepers and shoppers, and the dynamics between them resulting in five types...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Retailing Industry Conference 2005
Authors: Sangeeta Gupta, Anjali Puri, Ashok Nair, Sucheta Govil
Company: Nielsen
April 19, 2005

Research papers

Retail audit for durable goods

This paper will concentrate on consumer electronics products and proposes to investigate three main topics: 1. Why develop into retail research in China? 2. The operational issues faced in China when developing into retail research. 3. The...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific Conference 1996: Marketing In Asia
Author: Lionel Marquie
Company: GfK
November 1, 1996

Research papers

If the consumer is not a moron, could the shopper be?

This paper showcases a research framework that integrates insights on shopper observation, shopping environment, retailer servicing issues with shopper interviews to create a powerful tool that can help us understand the shopper better. The...

Catalogue: Retail and Shopper 2009: The Voice Of The Shopper
Authors: Sum Yim Ling, Anand Singh, Pavi Gupta
Companies: Nielsen, The Coca-Cola Company
March 4, 2009

Research papers

The operation of retail audits in the Middle East

MEMRB has pioneered the introduction of retail audits to the Middle East. The first panels were established in 1971— 1972 and since then retail audit panels have been operating continuously in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the DAE. The first tasks...

Catalogue: Seminar 1987: Research In Arab Countries
Authors: Andreas Charalambous, Olympics Toumazou
Company: MEMRB
June 15, 1987