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Research papers

Uncovering the Why

Researchers and data scientists are easily siloed into their fields of expertise. Clients and scientists often have limited time-frames and budgets, and so are forced to opt for one over the other. While both social listening and survey research...

Catalogue: Congress 2023
Authors: Cecily Mejia, Hannah Pucci, Karl Joyce
September 28, 2023

Research papers

Breaking the Fourth Wall: Future Formats for Effective Advertising

How we as humans connect, communicate and create has permanently changed, and the future lies in breaking the fourth wall?the wall behind us, the wall we can?t see. From the metaverse to TikTok challenges, the public is clamouring for blended,...

Catalogue: Congress 2023
Authors: Lisa Speck, Steve Silvers
September 27, 2023

Research papers

Thirsty work: Collaborating towards metacognition in the cold beverage path to purchase

The research showed that well-rehearsed 'patterns' of service in the channels explored tend to inhibit the desire to seek out something new when deciding on cold drinks, and they tend to result in consumers making these decisions in autopilot (system...

Catalogue: Global Qualitative 2015: Creative! Collaborative! Cool!
Authors: Sally Lewis, Katie Alexander
Company: Join the Dots InSites Consulting
November 18, 2015