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Research papers

The search for focus brand values across Europe

This paper describes how Land Rover has focused on the development and application of the values of the Land Rover Brand. It highlights the need to be focused and driven by the customer, which requires the need for regular, timely and actionable...

Catalogue: Seminar 1996: The Big Brand Challenge
Authors: Nick Bull, Martin Oxley
June 15, 1996


When presentations go wrong- Some badly wrong

We all recognise that storytelling is an important part of delivering research that moves both hearts and minds. We also see and hear a lot about great successes. But what about presentations that move hearts and minds but in the wrong direction? We...

Catalogue: Insights Festival 2020
Author: Martin Oxley
September 15, 2020

Research papers

Looking under the hood of CSR

Companies are investing in it, consumers demanding it, pundits applauding it . . . but what does Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) really mean: to consumers as opposed to shareholders? Does it encompass fair pay to women? Reducing the carbon...

Catalogue: Congress 2009: Leading The Way
Author: Martin Oxley
Companies: BuzzBack Market Research, Nestlé
September 22, 2009


The privacy paradox

We are being tracked. This study focuses on the past, present & a more autonomous future where consent regarding privacy on consumer's devices, and increasing consumer awareness and control of their privacy will be dramatically different.

Catalogue: Congress 2018
Authors: Martin Oxley, Pia Blase
September 23, 2018

Research papers

Re-evaluating the importance of time

This paper is mainly philosophical in nature. It shows that there are a number of concepts within the theory - and application - of evolutionarybiology that can provide insight into some of the problems of brand management in a dynamic environment....

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1998: The Power Of Knowledge
Author: Martin Oxley
Company: Ipsos MRBI
September 1, 1998

Research papers

The privacy paradox

We are being tracked. As a 2017 study of more than 8,000 consumers across eight countries commissioned by Here Technologies and carried out by BuzzBack revealed, this paradox is also evident in respect of one form of personal information: location...

Catalogue: Congress 2018
Authors: Dora Heinkel, Pia Blase, Martin Oxley, Andre Schuenemann, Ralf Becker
Company: BuzzBack Market Research
September 23, 2018

Research papers

Is the Internet the future of market research?

This paper provides a prognosis for the future of internet research based on the attitudes, experiences and opinions of the buyers of research within the FMCG sector. The paper provides an understanding of the dynamics involved in the possible...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Net Effects 2001
Authors: Anyvonne Carnot, Martin Oxley
February 11, 2001

Research papers

What makes a website 'sticky'?

Relationship, one-to-one, and permission marketing are just some of the new marketing lexicon terms used to describe online marketing strategies. It appeared to the authors that although these terms were much in evidence, little empirical work had...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 2000: The Impact Of Networking
Authors: Martin Oxley, Jeff Miller
Company: Burke, Inc.
September 1, 2000

Research papers

Managing the diffusion of innovation

One of the significant issues facing brand owners is the successful introduction of new products and/or services to market. The importance of facilitating new product diffusion is increasingly important with the escalating costs of entry into many...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 2002: Consolidation Or Renewal?
Authors: Clive Nancarrow, Martin Oxley
September 22, 2002