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Research papers

Education in marketing for the non-specialist

It has become increasingly apparent over the last few years that many people who become involved in the marketing process are not themselves specialists in this field and indeed as a subject it is on the periphery of their main interests. In the...

Catalogue: Workshop 1976: Educating The Effective Marketing Decision Makers
Author: John Mckenzie
June 1, 1976


Research World (September 2004)

It is high time that the industry joined forces in order to establish what the actual situation is at the universities and major business schools and to determine what can be done together, and which initiatives can be taken in the field of...

Catalogue: Research World 2004
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
September 1, 2004

Research papers

Interviewer recruitment and training

My belief in interviewer selection and training in the simplest terms t we spend a lot of time in studying the problem before we embark on a survey s we take a lot of trouble over sample design and over preparing and testing a questionnaire! we spend...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference 1962: Research Into Certain Advertising Problems
Author: Paul Howard Berent
June 15, 1962

Research papers

Informing the staff of products, services and supplementary activities

The paper seeks to establish a link between research and advertising, communication and training as they relate to the marketing mix of activities. It indicates that selling is the vital link which provides profit. To that background the functions of...

Catalogue: EFMA/ESOMAR Seminar 1982: How Research Can Help Financial Organisations Communicate Internally And Externally
Author: Ronald E. Dawes
June 15, 1982

Research papers

Education of market researchers

Rapid growth in the demand for market research since 1945 has imposed severe strains on the available supply of researchers. Examination of existing academic institutions reveals that nobody is producing trained market researchers. Additionally -...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1966
Author: A. B. Vos
September 1, 1966

Research papers

Teaching research methods through secondary analysis

After considering some problems in more traditional ways of teaching research methods, this paper discusses how archived data may be used in teaching graduate level courses in this subject in political science and sociology. The discussion is based...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Congress 1973: The Application Of Market And Social Research For More Efficient Planning
Author: Ada W. Finifter
September 1, 1973

Research papers

Managing executive development programs

The objective of this paper is to specify, collect and classify the steps to be followed in designing, implementing and evaluating an Executive Development Program. The authors view the subject from a distinctly pragmatic viewpoint which is based on...

Catalogue: Workshop 1976: Educating The Effective Marketing Decision Makers
Authors: Fred Wechsler, Sergio Barraza Picone
June 1, 1976

Research papers

The case of a centralized interviewer organisation

The structure of the interviewer organisation should follow; from the functions this organisation has to perform. These functions are of a very special kind, not comparable with other, occupational functions. They are also quite different from those...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Conference 1962: Research Into Certain Advertising Problems
Author: Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann
June 15, 1962

Research reports

Interviewing for market and opinion research

The Dutch Information and Public Relations Centre Your Opinion Counts took the initiative in 1992 to develop a training and examination programme for interviewers in The Netherlands. The training consists of a theoretical and a practical part. The...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Publications
Authors: Ed A. van Eunen, ESOMAR B.V.
September 1, 1995