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Research papers

Reconciling contradicting facts by instituting a "hierarchy of truth" to bust myths

See how J&J leveraged data and intuition by applying control systems engineering techniques and deep qualitative insights in its Vision Care franchise. Given market structure complexity, learnings apply across FMCG/regulated categories.

Catalogue: Congress 2018
Authors: Vittorio Raimondi, Pavi Gupta
September 23, 2018


Research World (March 2005)

Particularly in recent times, the market research industry has also focused more attention on the ‘teeth’ of self-regulation: control and compliance. ESOMAR has invested a considerable amount of energy in developing an approach on the...

Catalogue: Research World 2005
Author: ESOMAR B.V.
March 1, 2005

Research papers

Hypercontext: Same as it never was

Technological advances are engendering debate on the survey production line, but the process is only part of the story. Are we in the grip of a drive not towards insight but towards mere automation? Do we want our data deeper – or just cheaper?...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Net Effects 2001
Authors: Andy Dexter, Joseph Brown
Company: DVL Smith Ltd
February 11, 2001

Research papers

Sampling errors

In this and the following paper, the phenomena associated with and the nature of "survey error" is explored.

Catalogue: ESOMAR Teach-In Seminar 1995: All You Ever Wanted To Know About Sampling, Statistics And Questionnaires
Author: Neil Higgs
February 14, 1995

Research papers

Profit from planned publishing

This paper is not so much about magazines or micros as about management, and in particular the use of information in management decisions. It just happens that the writer's business is magazines and he has found in the microcomputer the ideal tool...

Catalogue: Seminar 1985: Quality In Publishing
Author: Michael Bird
November 27, 1985

Research papers

'Below-the-line spending' the need for understanding and control

SPAR has been designing, implementing, evaluating and executing promotional programs since 1967. Our approach has been successfully implemented in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia. In the UK, through a joint agreement, AGB...

Catalogue: Seminar 1985: Below-The-Line And Sponsoring
Author: William H. Bartels
November 6, 1985

Research papers

Quality control and standards in different countries in the context of multinational surveys

This paper consists of two parts - in the first part Vincent Ophoff, Managing Director of NSS and President of the IRIS network, describes the "process control" necessary for successful design and management of multinational surveys. In the second,...

Catalogue: ICC/ESOMAR Symposium 1984: International Marketing Research
Authors: Vincent F.W. Ophoff, Jane Kalim
June 15, 1984

Research papers

Profit from research in social and legal context's

All designing a controlled experiment should begin with the design of the ideal experiment. If the ideal experiment cannot be executed because of financial, factual, moral, or legal obstacles, we should make a systematic effort to save the controlled...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1981: Research For Profitability
Author: Hans Ziesel
August 23, 1981

Research papers

Control techniques in a sample survey

The analysis described in this report concerns the control techniques used in sample surveys , and is based on a ten-year experience made by field work in this area and specifically applied to the survey on the Italian Periodical Press Readership by...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1979: The Challenge Of Eighties
Authors: Angela Amoroso, Costantino Jannacone
June 15, 1979