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Research papers

Some people are more equal than others

I want to express my concern that we should avoid at all costs the error of supposing that advertising only works one way and that the best way to communicate with people and motivate them to action is constant between people and between situations....

Catalogue: Seminar 1967: The Market Research Looks At The Way That Advertising Works
Author: Julia Ann Burdus
June 15, 1967

Research papers

We are still confused- But on a higher level

Most case stories are. written when the success is an established fact. This paper is a case where part of the story was written in advance, in the form of objectives. To be precise, it is a case story the outcome of which is not yet known. The story...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Conference 1965
Author: Niels Vinding
June 15, 1965

Research papers

Setting targets in advertising research

In this paper I have presented some of the first results of a systematic analysis of data which has been collected as part of a continuing survey to measure advertising communication. The results have been confined to measurements taken at a single...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1964
Author: Timothy Joyce
June 15, 1964

Research papers

Interviewing physicians

When we consider the physician as a member of the population, as a consumer, as a man who., like every other, is driving a car, reading a paper, voting, all that has been said about interviews in general applies to him. There is of course some...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Conference 1963
Author: Jules Klanfer
June 15, 1963

Research papers

An approach to the assessment of press schedules

Press schedules need to be assessed in two respects. The first and most obvious of these is the question whether or not the money available has been disposed in the most efficient way, having regard to the advertising objectives. The technique...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Conference 1963
Authors: R. C. Carpenter, E. A. Rawes
June 15, 1963

Research papers

Research in the field of shopping centers

The choice of a channel of distribution, the selection of the points of sales or even of areas commercially of interest are questions which are asked when starting on a new or a bad-known market. The target of the following communication is to plain:...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Conference 1963
Author: Jean-Pierre Leburton
June 15, 1963