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Research papers

The calculus of consumer privacy

This paper provides the 'algebra of the consumer's mind' regarding what the consumer wants different types of professionals and companies to know about them. We look at the relevance of different insights, seeing how each is appropriate to a variety...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 2004: Integrating Marketing Research in Business
Authors: Barbara Itty, Jeffrey Ewald, Jacqueline Beckley, Howard R. Moskowitz
September 19, 2004

Research papers

A seat at the table

Management has concluded that brands represent the most important asset of a company. Independent from their branches, this is almost true for all brands. Brands demand high investment in marketing activities in order to secure and build value. The...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 2003: Management, Accountability and Research
Authors: Rachel Katz, Jeffrey Ewald, Chris Keeling, Howard R. Moskowitz, Laurent Florès, Matthias Silcher
Company: Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.
September 14, 2003

Research papers

Crossing the knowledge and corporate boundaries to systematize invention and innovation

The process of corporate innovation is often left to outside consultants and internal/external teams specializing in the invention process. Market researchers are all too often neglected in this process, even though the newly emerging tools of...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 2002: Consolidation Or Renewal?
Authors: Jeffrey Ewald, Jacqueline Beckley, Charles E. Cleveland, Teri Curran Mascuch, Howard R. Moskowitz, Laurent Florès
Company: Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.
September 22, 2002

Research papers

Always on

Responding to a call by a major consumer electronics company to accelerate the pace and quality of product development, J Walter Thompson (Detroit) and Moskowitz Jacobs Inc. (New York) developed a new paradigm. The paradigm incorporates current as...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 2001: Marketing Transformation
Authors: Howard R. Moskowitz, Jeffrey Ewald
Company: Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.
September 23, 2001

Research papers

From multi-country concept testing/optimization to corporate database and beyond

This paper provides a case history for multi-country conjoint measurement. The project began as an exercise to understand the features and communications of a food product across many countries, but turned into an organizing principle to understand...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Global Cross-Industry Forum 2003
Authors: Jeffrey Ewald, Howard R. Moskowitz, Johannes Hartmann
Companies: Unilever, Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.
January 1, 2000