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Research papers

The changing scene in international pharmaceutical marketing research

Because of fundamental changes in the nature of pharmaceutical marketing, there has been a considerable increase in the demand for pharmaceutical market research. There is now: increasing competition, increasing need for marketing skills and...

Catalogue: Seminar 1981: International Pharmaceutical Marketing Research
Author: Clifford H. Jellett
Company: Harris Interactive (Europe)
September 1, 1981

Research papers

Developing a local soft drink brand

Please allow us to interrupt the stable course this ESOMAR seminar has taken so far. We have not set ourselves the task of presenting you with the most advanced technologies in marketing research, neither do we intend to stun you with sophisticated...

Catalogue: Seminar 1996: The Big Brand Challenge
Authors: Tomas Tereba, Tomas Krasny
June 15, 1996

Research papers

Market potential

Deregulation is creating competition in the communications industry, allowing telephone service providers, media companies and other firms to offer everything from local telephone services to video-on-demand. Businesses are especially being targeted...

Catalogue: Seminar 1996: Telecommunications In A Dynamic Market Place
Authors: Steven H. Cohen, Donald A. Anderson, Jill Hesser
June 15, 1996

Research papers

Complacency kills

This paper looks at the role of forward-looking trend research and analysis in helping to protect the cool equity and youth credibility of the Levi’s ® brand. From the start point of qualitative research, it examines the importance of...

Catalogue: Seminar 1997: How To Be Number One In The Youth Market
Authors: Kirsty Fuller, Flemming From Thygesen
Companies: Flamingo, Levi Strauss & Co.
October 22, 1997

Research papers

A department store CSM study In Chile

The present document studies the advantages and benefits of the Customer Satisfaction Measurement (CSM) studies in a highly competitive market as is the case in the department store sector in Chile. In particular the benefits contributed by the...

Catalogue: Latin America 1999: Marketing In Latin America In The 21st Century
Authors: Mauricio Ordenes, Ramon Cavieres, Jaime Quezada
June 15, 1999

Research papers

Cases and causes of structural change in retailing

The paper considers general trends of structural change in terms of averages per type of trade. It consists of two parts. The first paper is descriptive, and gives an international comparison of trends concerning average shop size, number of shops...

Catalogue: Seminar 1986: Retail Strategies For Profit And Growth
Authors: Bart Nooteboom, Roy Thurik, Sjaak Vollebregt
June 4, 1986

Research papers

Assessing the competition

Companies compete against each other in a complex struggle for customers, capital, and organisational resources. The ultimate objective is to achieve and maintain the coveted status of "industry leader". The basic goal is survival. In this continuous...

Catalogue: EPHMRA/ESOMAR Seminar 1985: Pharmaceutical Competitor Analysis
Author: William L. Sammon
February 27, 1985

Research papers

A new approach to the photo-finishing market

A French leader in the retail distribution of upscale photographic equipment retained the MAC Group to help his organization in identifying and implementing a marketing strategy in photo-finishing. Although our client had a strong market share and...

Catalogue: Seminar 1989: Adding Value To Retail Offerings
Author: Jean-Francis Harris
June 15, 1989

Research papers

Development of the automobile industry in Eastern Europe

This research project focuses on the entry of western European auto makers into eastern European markets and economies. Its purpose is to examine evolving competitive circumstances in the manufacture and marketing of automobiles and to explore the...

Catalogue: Seminar 1993: Marketing Integration Of West And East Europe
Author: Cyril C. Ling
June 15, 1993