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Case studies

The newest mousetrap: What does it catch?

The Internet is the newest methodology or mousetrap available to market researchers. Researchers disagree on how ready we are as an industry to move to on-line data collection. Questions abound about how representative the respondents we reach via...

Catalogue: The Worldwide Internet Seminar 1998
Authors: Alecia S. Helton, Roger Gates
Company: Texas Instruments
June 15, 1998


Augmented reality

Just as marketing and advertising have made augmented reality a tool to enrich the consumer experience with brands, it must also become allied for marketing research, especially in online studies.

Catalogue: Latin America 2020 - Insights Festival
Authors: Cristina Leo, Francisco Calixto
Companies: Synapsis, PepsiCo
October 19, 2020

Research papers

Online fights back!

Online will shortly become the primary data collection method for research worldwide. Its well-documented advantages include speed, cost, international reach, and sampling possibilities. This presentation, however, argues that expecting quality...

Catalogue: Congress 2005: Making A Difference
Authors: Richard Thornton, Tony Hufflett
September 21, 2005

Research papers

Creating fragrance concepts from first principles

This paper deals with the fit of sets of fragrance elements (36 elements each) to 30 different end uses, varying from purely 'fine' to purely 'functional', by means of an integrated approach called a 'mega-study'. The method used was conjoint...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Fragrance Research Conference 2003
Authors: Rachel Katz, Barbara Itty, Howard R. Moskowitz
Company: Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.
March 16, 2003

Research papers

Show me your home and I will tell you who you are

This paper describes how research, with the use of technology, can be applied to various decision-making processes throughout the production and marketing stages of real estate. A traditional construction company developed a new marketing approach by...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Excellence in Consumer Insights Conference 2003
Authors: Lena Gilchrist, Britt-Marie Eriksson, Olof Eriksson
Company: Ipsos MRBI
March 30, 2003

Research papers

Online administration of a print audience measurement study

This paper is an update to the one submitted to the previous WAM conference in summer, 2003. Since that time, Millward Brown IntelliQuest produced a web-based survey for measuring print audiences.The study will be released commercially in fall, 2004....

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF WAM Conference 2004: Print
Author: Eric Melton
June 15, 2004