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Research papers

IT as a strategy to manage the process of quantitative research

In this paper the process of large-scale quantitative research is examined with the aim of finding ways to reduce costs and improve quality. The paper focuses on the role IT plays in fieldwork preparation, fieldwork management, data collection and...

Catalogue: Seminar 1995: Information Technology- How Can Research Keep Up With The Peace Of Change
Author: Niels J. Grommé
Company: NIPO
January 1, 1995


The role of channel logos in on-demand platforms

This new research from Viacom explores the role that TV channel branding plays in on-demand consumer choice. It seeks to understand what channel branding provides in terms of the consumer user experience and navigation of an on-demand environment,...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Client Summit 2018- Autumn Edition
Author: Christian Kurz
December 12, 2018

Research papers

The future development of the Balearic isalnds

The market research conducted to provide a comprehensive assessment of the future needs of the holiday industry, with particular reference to the development of the Balearic Islands, took the form of a five stage study. In summary it involved a...

Catalogue: Seminar 1988: Travel And Tourism Research
Author: Malcom R. Mather
May 4, 1988

Research papers

Is it possible to predict human decision-making?

Using qual and quant to understand why consumers really make decisions, not why you think they do.

Catalogue: Fusion 2019
Authors: Nina Kanin, Zehra Odunayo
Company: Streetbees
November 10, 2019

Research papers

Can you be half-pregnant?

The concept that there are two types of data (qual and quant) does not necessarily mean that there are only two approaches to research (qual and quant): a blended approach called 'quanti-qual' can also be employed to help a researcher more fully...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Worldwide Qualitative Research Conference 2003
Author: Michael Mayernik
November 5, 2003

Research papers

Quantitative research

The data collection methodology used will be dictated largely by the sample within the universe in which you wish to interview and the overall survey design. However, it is important to understand what different data collection methodologies are...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Handbook Of Market And Opinion Research
Author: Didy Ward
September 1, 1998