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Research papers

The uses of consumer panels for media research

This paper illustrates some of the results end advantages of obtaining Readership and TV viewing measurements from the housewives in continuous, reporting Consumer Panels. The data are drawn from the experience gained from the Attwood Consumer Panel...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/WAPOR Conference 1965
Author: John Parfitt
June 15, 1965

Research papers

How people use television

This is a report on how people use television during prime time, based upon results from a study completed in March and April, 1992. A random sample of adults and teens in U.S. households were interviewed about how and why they use television, their...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF Worldwide Broadcast Audience Research Symposium 1992
Author: Maura Clancey
June 15, 1992

Research papers

Out-of-home television viewing

The Network Television Association's study on Out-of-Home viewing is the most comprehensive effort ever to measure total television viewing, including that done outside the home, for a variety of venues (including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, basic and pay...

Catalogue: ESORMAR/ARF Worldwide Electronic And Broadcast Audience Research 1994
Author: Marcella Rosen
May 1, 1994

Research papers

Consumer target groups and their viewing behaviour

Due to the improvements in the ways of penetration (via cable and satellite) and the ongoing increase in TV stations (full scale programmes and field programmes) it is made sure that most of the viewers in Germany have the opportunity to compile...

Catalogue: ESORMAR/ARF Worldwide Electronic And Broadcast Audience Research 1994
Author: Stephan Klebe
May 1, 1994

Research papers

Media fragmentation

This paper will highlight the impact of media fragmentation on overall television viewing habits in the United Kingdom and describe how the viewing of pre-recorded videos fits into this environment. Findings from the VideoTrak service will be used to...

Catalogue: Seminar 1996: Managing Media Data For Market Profit
Authors: Elaine Safier, Caroline Stott
November 11, 1996

Research papers

The duplication of television viewing between and within channels

In the United Kingdom some 85% of homes have a television set capable of receiving at least two different channels. The results to be described in this paper concern the use these viewers make of the choice available to them. There has been much...

Catalogue: ESOMAR Congress 1968
Author: Gerald J. Goodhardt
June 15, 1968

Research papers

TV viewing in a multichannel environment

Although Ireland is a small country it has a complex television environment. Irish homes can be placed into three different groups depending on their levels of channel choice; 2 station homes, 6 station homes, and 10+ station homes. This paper begins...

Catalogue: Seminar 1991: The Expansion of Broadcast Media
Author: Tom Harper
June 15, 1991

Research papers

Tv audience segments based on viewing behaviour

The paper gives examples of new type of analyses and findings of television audience behaviour. The findings are based on analyzing respondent -level data of metered audience measurement. The YLE research department is using its own methods and...

Catalogue: ESOMAR/ARF Worldwide Broadcast Audience Research Symposium 1992
Authors: Heikki J. Kasari, Seija Nurmi
June 15, 1992

Research papers

Measuring a difficult group

In any measurement system, there may be some groups that are more difficult to measure, or are perceived as more difficult to measure than others. In August of 1992, Nielsen started a program to address concerns about the accuracy of measurement of...

Catalogue: New Monograph Series Vol.9: Researching Youth
Author: Rachel Mueller Lust
August 1, 2000