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Research papers

Integrated pricing strategy

Getting the right pricing strategy is very critical for CPG companies - more so in the alcoholic beverages (AlcoBev) category in India, because AlcoBev is a highly regulated industry subject to high taxes coupled with restrictions on distribution and...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2020 - Insights Festival
Author: Arvind Sainath
Company: Diageo
November 2, 2020

Research papers

Purpose in Asia

90% of people in Asia want brands to do something about the issues they care about. But what do they care about? And what exactly do they want brands to do? Let us tell you more.

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2020 - Insights Festival
Authors: Anne Rayner, Rebecca Southern, Vanessa Gibbon
Company: Kantar
November 2, 2020

Research papers

Uncovering affinities and brand equity by simply listening

Exploring the creation of data-driven buyer personas combining psychographic and demographic data to know who speaks about them.

Catalogue: Big Data World 2017: Smart Data Integration
Author: Marcello Sasso
November 8, 2017

Research papers

Measuring pricing power of a global brand in an Asian market

The Emerging Markets house the bulk of human populace, with China and India alone accounting for about 30% of the world's population. As these markets have developed and per capita income has risen in many of these countries, they have become growth...

Catalogue: Asia Pacific 2015: Asia Means Business
Authors: Venu Gorti, Ruchira Jain, Don Sexton, Kamal Sen
June 15, 2015

Research papers

Coca Cola's real-time intelligence

This paper describes Coca-Cola's Real-Time Intelligence platform, built together with the System 1 Market Research agency BrainJuicer and brand consultants Talk Inc. Through this initiative, Coca-Cola gained access to real-time insights into its...

Catalogue: Latin America 2015: Carnival of Insights
Authors: Cristina Brand, Carla Mayumi, Flavio Marcondes, Gabriel Aleixo
Companies: The Coca-Cola Company , BrainJuicer
June 15, 2015

Research papers

The dots can only be connected with a tune!

Based on a real-life case study, this paper demonstrates an approach combining online research with several other data sources to address a client business issue. The frame includes an online survey, qualitative research, retail panel data and...

Catalogue: Online Research 2010: E-Universe
Authors: Claudia Suárez-Gapp, Frank Hofmann
Companies: Nielsen, Nestlé
October 19, 2010

Research papers

Sustainability as a monetary brand value

This presentation describes the results of basic research regarding the relation between sustainability and brands in general and the relevance of sustainability for brand equity in particular. The understanding of social comparison processes and the...

Catalogue: Congress 2009: Leading The Way
Author: Stephan Götze
September 22, 2009

Research papers

Measuring the brand impact of search

This paper describes research undertaken to answer the questions 'What is the branding effect of search advertising and how does it compare with other media?' It is based on the measurement of the impact of search as part of a specific brand's...

Catalogue: WM3 2009: Change Is In The Air...
Authors: Jonny Protheroe, Mark Greenstreet
Company: Dentsu Macromill Insight
May 7, 2009

Research papers

Let it flow!

Increasingly companies have to balance their corporate social responsibility initiatives with both the value to society and to their business. What agendas to pursue, whether at the corporate or brand level and the triggers which have net impact on...

Catalogue: Congress 2008: Frontiers
Authors: Trent Ross, Curt Stenger, Angela Lovejoy, Omar Rodriguez, David Pring
Companies: Ipsos MRBI, The Coca-Cola Company
September 26, 2008